Summer Haircare Products
Summer Haircare Products

How to Take Care of Your Hair While Traveling

Nobody wants a bad hair day on vacation. Follow our 7 tips to protect your strands!

At long last, the season of travel is upon us. You're probably already counting down the days, drafting your packing list ahead of that summer vacation, and hair care ought to be at the top of it.

As tempting as it may be to fill your suitcase with clothes and leave the bulky beauty products at home, vacation is when your hair needs you the most. With the heat, humidity, long plane journeys, harsh hotel water, chlorine, sun, and sweat, your locks will need extra love and care — especially if you expect them to look fresh for photos.

Don't worry: caring for your hair on vacation doesn't have to take up your whole morning (believe us, we know how precious that time off is). Ahead, discover our collection of travel companion products, plus some of our top tips for keeping hair healthy and photogenic no matter where your summer may lead you.

OI Travel Size Products

1. Opt For Travel Sizes or Solid Formats

Travel-size beauty products are handy for saving space in checked luggage, but they're absolute must-haves if you're traveling with liquids in a carry-on bag. Another way to skirt the cabin-bags limitations without drastically reducing your personal care packing list is to opt for solid formats instead. Shampoo bars, for example, don't need to be included in your liquids bag. As a bonus, they're guaranteed not to pop open in your suitcase and create a mess.

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OI Shampoo

Available in a compact 90 ml bottle, our bestselling shampoo is a one-size-fits-all wonder. Roucou oil enriches this OI formula with beta-carotene and antioxidants to keep hair soft, shiny, and voluminous.

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LOVE CURL Conditioner

Textured hair can become quite unruly on vacation, no thanks to factors like humidity and chlorine. Our LOVE Curl Conditioner, available in 75 ml, keeps curls and waves moisturized and elastic with almond extract rich in proteins and vitamins.

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OI Oil

Keep this travel-size oil on hand to tame frizz throughout the day. Our OI Oil spray is ideal for coarse, dry hair. It hydrates strands while improving shine and protecting against environmental factors.

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This is an Invisible Dry Shampoo

Spray this invisible dry shampoo to save time and delay the wash-day. Available also in small size suitable for carry-ons, it's really a game changer!

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LOVE Shampoo Bar
Our easily packable LOVE Shampoo Bar features olive extract, which will help restore brilliance, strength, and luster to your strands.
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Shampoo Bar Case

Our hack for traveling with solid shampoo? Pack your bar in an alumininum case to keep it from disintegrating into a mess in the hotel shower and, worse, in your suitcase.

2. Care for Hair Before and After Swimming

You'll no doubt want to take a dip — maybe many — if your summer vacation involves a beach or a pool. Well, the salt of the sea and the chlorine in pool water can dry hair out, stripping it of the natural oils that help protect it and keep it looking its best. One way to protect hair from damage from swimming is to keep a leave-in conditioner like our SU Milk on hand. This hydrating hair milk comes in a travel size bottle perfect for the holidays. Just spritz your strands before going for a dip and rinse the product out afterward.If you have colored hair, you might also be worried about the pool water damaging it. In addition to applying a leave-in conditioner before you swim, you should also wash with a color-protecting shampoo after your pool dip. Our MINU formula made with nutritious caper blossom extract works great to improve color, and it's available in 75 ml.
SU Travel Size Products

3. Protect Your Hair and Skin From the Sun

Prolonged sun exposure can not only damage your skin — including your scalp — the UVA and UVB rays can also compromise the hair cuticle, the protective layer that goes around the strand. It's been said that hair can become damaged after just eight minutes of sun exposure. After an afternoon at the beach, you might notice your luscious vacation locks turning brittle, dry, dull, and frizzy. Be sure to pack a hat or a silk scarf to cover your head with if you're going somewhere sunny; also, bring with you some specific products of our SU range to protect your hair and skin.
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SU Milk
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SU Hair Mask

4. Stay Hydrated

It's important to increase your water intake, especially in hot and sunny locales, to replenish the moisture you sweat out. Your hair needs hydration in the same way — to stay healthy and strong while it's put through the wringer. To prevent it from looking dull, feeling rough, getting too oily, and losing volume, hydrate those strands from the inside by gulping water.

5. Familiarize Yourself With Using Styling Tools Abroad

We've all made the mistake of packing a styling tool — or any electrical item — on an international trip, only to find that it isn't compatible with the sockets in our destination. Only with the appropriate power plug adapter, a compact and affordable must-have you can pick up from any travel accessory retailer, will you be able to use the hot tools you brought from home abroad. Do your research, as it isn't always clear whether you'll need an adapter.
Davines Travel Size Hair Masks

6. Our Best-Selling Hair Masks to Pack in Your Travel Bag

Now you know to be diligent about sun protection and hydration, to check the voltage of your styling tools before packing them, and to replace liquid products with solids where possible. What else can you do to ensure your hair is on its best behavior on vacation? These five travel-size Davines masks will keep your locks looking lush and feeling strong while you're busy enjoying your holiday.

7. Never Venture too Far from a Hairstylist!

Let's say you wind up staying in the sun a little longer than you should have, or took one too many dips in the heavily chlorinated resort pool and wound up with green locks. No worries! Our Davines hairstylists have you covered — and they're located all over the world.

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