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Get Natural Waves, With Tom and Tricia

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If you have unruly hair but you're afraid of damaging it with excessive heat styling, our Hair Art Director  Tom Connell is here to help! Learn how to create natural waves, without using a hairdryer. Special guest: his wife Tricia!

Step 1: Wash and soften

Step 1 wash and soften hair LOVE Curl Davines

To get beautiful, defined waves, you’ll need to start with a good haircare routine. LOVE/curl shampoo and conditioner add softness and moisture to your hair — for further hydration, you can apply the mask every two weeks.

Step 2: Detangle and define the waves

After washing, spray LOVE/curl Primer onto towel-dried hair. Next, comb starting from the roots towards the ends to untangle any knots. Then define your waves by applying LOVE/curl Cream on the lengths. 

Pro tips:Apply the cream with the palm of your hand to avoid breaking up the natural waves.  

Detangle and define waves LOVE Curl Davines

Step 3: Divide into 5 sections and create the twist

Divide into sections Davines LOVE Curl

Next, divide the hair into 5 sections: two in front of the ears and three at the back of the neck. Start by taking a front section and creating a small twist, turning the hair towards the face. Then repeat for all of the other sections. 

Pro tips: Twist the front sections in toward the face, and the rear sections in the opposite direction. 

To not stress the hair with hot tools, let it dry naturally! 

Step 4: Open the twist to create the waves

Once the hair has dried, you can gently open the twists by  unravelling in the opposite direction. 

Pro tips:Be careful not to break the curls up too much and you will get soft but disciplined waves. 

Now add some volume by flipping your hair upside down and shaking your head gently. And finally, spray This is a Shimmering Mistas the finishing touch.

Davines waves tutorial This Is a Shimmering Mist
Still have some questions? Watch our tutorials on IGTV!

Making soft and natural waves has never been easier! Watch the video in which Tom Connell, Davines Hair Art Director, demonstrates this tutorial on his wife Tricia. 

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