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Four Ways To Achieve Your Hair Resolutions

Everyone has different goals and intentions for a new year - in 2019 I made an effort to start going to the gym (beyond slowly walking on the treadmill while watching TV), and now I hope to make 2020 the year where I learn to cook (beyond reheating pre-made Trader Joe's meals). If you're also looking to make some changes, it's surprisingly easy to work new hair goals into these lifestyle updates.

RESOLUTION: Get Healthier

Getting truly healthy is an inside-out process: even after making sure you're eating a well-rounded diet and getting enough sleep, sometimes your hair and scalp can require additional specialized care. But for issues like dandruff or fragile strands,  Naturaltech regimens can target and fight underlying causes head-on.

See which Naturaltech family is the best fit for reaching your hair goals:


Naturaltech Energizing at Rob Peetoom salon

Photo by @dottaviophoto

RESOLUTION: Get More Active

Becoming a gym regular is a common new years resolution, but it doesn't have to be the end-all for your fitness goals. Since most people are balancing very busy lifestyles, even finding time to take a brisk walk during the day can be a solid change in the right direction. Your time is valuable, so make sure your beauty routine is as streamlined and convenient as possible for when you're on the go. For starters, keep Hair Refresher dry shampoo on hand for any future sweat session, to make sure your hair can seamlessly transition from working out to the rest of your daily grind. And even if your resolution is to get as much done in a day as possible, that doesn't mean your hair has to suffer. Try The Restless Circle: this invisible anti-breakage hair mask was designed to be worn while you're on the move, letting you improve your hair health without sacrificing your to-do list.   

RESOLUTION: Try a Bold New Look

There's no better time to really shake up your personal style, and nothing makes an immediate impact quite like an exciting new color. For the potentially commitment-phobic among us, theres's Alchemic. This system of pigmented shampoo and conditioners deposit temporary color that washes out a few days after you stop using it. You have free reign to experiment without worrying about long-term effects: these 6 tones can be creatively mixed together, or used separately to maintain and enhance natural or cosmetic color.

Davines Authentic Formulas

Photo by Davines North America

RESOLUTION: Take Time For Yourself

We may be singing the praises of a "get it done" lifestyle, but that doesn't mean you can neglect self-care. Your mental well-being is just as important as your physical; for those who want to make it a priority to find time for themselves this year, we'd suggest upgrading your beauty rituals with relaxation in mind. After taking a shower or bath, try to dedicate a few days a week to a luxurious and nourishing routine: treat your hair and skin to products like Authentic Nourishing Oil or Authentic Replenishing Butter, to soothe your skin and recenter your mental state. Looking good on the outside and feeling great on the inside is a pretty winning combination.

by Lauren Hannel, staff contributor

cover photo by: @karlibobarley

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