Five Flawless Travel-Friendly Hairstyles

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You've picked your wardrobe, packed your bags and organized your travel documents, but have you considered your lock look? No matter what your travel adventure looks like this season, you need an on-the-go hair strategy that’s as chic as it is easy. These five travel-proof hairstyles will help you pull off your next trip in style.

If your travels take you to a warmer climate, a milkmaid braid is the way to go (braids are the style for summer, see our recent post here). Pull your hair into two low pigtails. Pick a side to start on and loosely braid it. When you’re done, pull the braid over the top of your head and secure it with a bobby pin. Once the first braid is finished and in place, repeat the steps on the other side. Use additional bobby pins to secure any fly-aways and finish with Davines This is an Invisible No Gas Spray to keep it all in place. 

photo of the backview of a blonde woman's wavy ponytail hairstyle

A double ponytail adds mega volume and thickness to even the finest hair- and it’s a super easy style to master in minutes. Part your hair horizontally from ear to ear so that it’s divided into two equal halves. Pull the top section up into a ponytail and secure it. Pull the bottom section of your hair into another ponytail right under the first one. 

Wrap a small section of hair around the base of both ponytails, creating a fuller, longer single pony and secure it with a bobby pin. Finish with Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray for added texture.

A half-knot is a low-key, messy style that’s perfect for traveling. It’s a simple take on the classic top-knot and it can be done on just about any hair length. Volume and texture are everything with this style, so start by spritzing your strands with Davines This is a Dry Texturizer. Section off all the hair from your ears upwards, tease it and tie it into a ponytail. Then grab your pony and coil it around the base until it’s twisted completely around itself. Secure your knot with a bobby pin and give it a few tugs at the roots for extra knot volume.

If you’re pressed for time (and who isn’t when traveling?!) it doesn’t get easier than a low bun. This style works best on second day hair, but you can fake it withDavines Hair Refresher, to create extra grip. 

Spray it into your roots and massage it in with your fingers. Then twist your tresses into a bun and insert a pin like this one upward through the right side of the bun with the open ends toward the left side of the bun.

photo of backview of a blonde woman's hair in a low bun hairstyle

A hat is the perfect travel accessory for hair that’s been tousled and tangled mid-flight. Just rub a dab of Davines This is an Invisible Serum through your damp or dry hair to keep frizz at bay, and toss your hat on top for an effortless cool-girl look. 

Whether you’re hopping on a jet or a yacht, these low-maintenance styles will have you living your best summer travel life! 

by Jaclyn LaBadia

cover photo by Lindsay Del Colletti

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