Essential Haircare Heritage
Essential Haircare Heritage

Essential Haircare: a sustainable heritage

Hair care that is kind to every type of hair, that respects people, their values, and the planet on which we all live. This was the vision behind Essential Haircare, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Essential Haircare Slow Food Map

Natural, planet-protecting ingredients

Made using high percentages of easily biodegradable natural origin ingredients, Essential Haircare products are enriched with active ingredients from Slow Food Presidia farms in Italy, that help keep endangered plant species alive, supporting biodiversity.

Sustainable packaging and manufacture

The Essential Haircare line is produced and packaged at the Davines Village using 100% renewable electricity. We have been constantly working to reduce the amount of plastic used for our packaging.

The Essential range: daily care for every hair type

The Essential Haircare range is made up of nine distinct families, each of which is dedicated to addressing a unique hair care need: nourishment, hydration, volumizing, shine enhancement, protection, elasticizing, smoothness, and daily care.

Essential Haircare Biodiversity

How Essential Haircare supports biodiversity

The Slow Food Foundation’s Presidia Project is dedicated to protecting biodiversity and the planet by supporting small producers to grow plants that are typical of their local area. By doing this, the non-profit also supports the economies of these areas and prevents the extinction of artisan traditions.

Since 2014, we’ve collaborated with the Slow Food Foundation by including one active ingredient from a Slow Food Presidium in each of the Essential Haircare families. We also feature the story, face and name and the person who grew that ingredient with care and passion, spreading awareness of the important work they are doing.

The evolution of Essential Haircare

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Learn more about Davines

Davines’ purpose is to do our best for the world, creators of good life for all, through beauty, ethics, and sustainability. Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 Davines is a family-owned B Corp which favors the use of natural origin ingredients to create salon-quality haircare. 

Nature and Science


Our sustainable beauty products contain active ingredients studied in the Scientific Garden and our R&D laboratory, mixing an artisanal botanical spirit with advanced cosmetic technologies. We support Regenerative Organic Agriculture.



Davines production plant and offices have been carbon-neutral since 2018, achieved by reducing emissions and neutralizing the remainder through Plan-Vivo-certified reforestation projects, and we committed with SBTi to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest. 



We enable circularity by using eco-design principles to minimize packaging impact, and our products have been plastic net-zero since 2022 thanks to our partnership with Plastic Bank, which collects as much plastic as we use for our products. 

Salon Quality


Davines' sustainable haircare is endorsed by salon professionals worldwide and can be enjoyed at home, too, for beauty that is good for both you and the planet.

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