Easy Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Nothing comes in quite as handy as a hair hack. Whether it’s a quicker hair care routine, a go-to DIY hairstyle or going an extra day between washes, a tried and true hair hack can instantly make your life easier. Get ready for your greatest head of hair ever, because we’re sharing tips for happier locks including our favorite hair care, hair styling and dirty hair hacks.

Hair care hacks

The healthy hair of your dreams is easier than you think. These hair care hacks will help you streamline and maximize your hair care routine.

Wash your hair upside down

Instead of getting into the shower and slapping your shampoo right in the middle of your scalp, start by massaging the shampoo at the nape of your neck and working upwards, underneath your hair and around your scalp. This keeps the shampoo concentrated on your roots and prevents you from stripping the ends of your hair. Not sure If you’re using the right shampoo for your hair type? We’ve got that covered too. Check out our previous post on the Different Types of Shampoo.

Use conditioner first

If your hair tends to be on the thin or fine side, try one of the simplest beauty hacks: swapping the order of your shampoo and conditioner. This helps to remove excess oil that can weigh your hair down, leaving it bouncy and voluminous. Pull your hair into a top knot, let the conditioner sit for a minute, then rinse.

Only apply conditioner to your ends

A lightweight conditioner is a must for replenishing your strands, especially if you have dry hair. But too much conditioner at the roots can leave you with limp locks. Try applying your conditioner primarily to the ends of your hair. Unless you have knots, in which case you can use a conditioner at the roots, but only if you follow up with another shampoo to remove residue. 

Clarifying shampoo and scrub Davines

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 Use a clarifying shampoo once a week

Product build-up at the roots can be a real drag when it comes to good hair days. That's why it's essential to use a clarifying shampoo in place of your regular shampoo, once a week. This cleanses your scalp of any residue, giving your locks a clean canvas for the rest of your products.

Use a diffuser when you blow-dry

Using the diffuser attachment when you blow-dry is one of the easiest hacks for a voluminous hair look that adds thickness to your hair. The low-pressure airflow from the diffuser speeds up the drying process without manipulating the natural texture of your hair. Plus, using a diffuser causes less damage to your hair than straight blow-drying without it. Some blow dryers come with a diffuser and some are sold separately, so if you’re planning to get one, make sure the diffuser you choose fits on your dryer.

Mask on the go

Before your next sweat sesh, apply a hair mask and then braid your hair or wrap it into a bun. Your body heat will help the hair-quenching ingredients penetrate. When you wash up post-workout, your hair will be extra silky and manageable.

Sleep on silk

Sleeping on silk might seem like a luxury reserved for a queen, but this hack is for everyone. When we toss and turn in our sleep, our hair rubs against the fabric of our pillowcase. This causes friction and breakage. And this is especially true of long-haired girls. The smooth surface of the silk is more gentle on your locks than other fabrics. Looking for more long hair hacks? We wrote about this in our previous article How to Take Care of Long Hair.

Brighten up your hue

Just like the wrong eyeshadow color can throw off your whole look, when your hair color is dull it appears lifeless. Adding a deeper hair color to your 'do will give you dimension, revitalizing limp locks. Try a color shampoo to brighten up your blonde, brunette, or red strands in just one application, or ask for a fresh new look to go with your next haircut.

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Hairstyling hacks

These hairstyling hacks will make styling your strands a breeze.

Tease your tresses for bigger hair

Even if you weren’t born with thick hair, you can fake it with a little back-combing. Back-combing (also known as teasing) is a classic way to add more volume to your crown. Lift a section of hair just behind the very top of your head, and with a pintail comb push in three to five smooth even strokes from the middle of the hair to the base, creating a cushion. Next, take the section of hair just in front of the cushion and flip back and over. This will hide the teased portion and leave you with smooth height and instant fullness.

Tone down super-curly hair with a flatiron

If you have very curly hair and want to create softer looking waves, we’re skipping the curling iron here for a classic hairstylist trick. Slightly break down the curl with a flat iron, bending your wrist forward and backward as you move down your strands — it won’t curl your hair, just add more subtle waves. Work in small sections and finish by oiling the ends of your hair with coconut oil or organic hair oil.

Make your ponytail bigger

Amp up your ponytail by doubling (or tripling) up on your hair ties. Used to using one scrunchie to prop up your pony? Why not try two next time? Or even three! The extra fabric will prop your hair up for a higher, fuller pony a’la Ariana Grande style.

Nix flyaways with a toothbrush

Spritz a strong hairspray on a toothbrush and gently brush downward to get flyaways and frizz under control. Be sure to use a spare toothbrush and not the one you brush your teeth with. Another classic way to tame flyaways? Smooth a dryer sheet over the top of your hair to fight frizz.

Create texture with a toothbrush

The tiny bristles on a toothbrush are perfect for adding texture to braids and updos. Gently move your spare toothbrush in little circles to pull out some intentional fuzzies, for a perfectly imperfect messy ‘do.

Make waves overnight

Here’s an easy hair tutorial to try on your own hair: to wake up with cool girl beach waves, sleep with your hair in two braids. When you wake up, take out the braids and shake out your waves. Finish with a few spritzes of a beach hair sprayand voila, perfect overnight beach waves.

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Plump up your bun

A massive messy bun makes a major statement (not to mention it works for any occasion). To get a fuller bun, put your hair accessories to work: pull your hair into a high ponytail, add a clip-on ponytail that matches your hair, and wrap it around the base of your pony, using bobby pins as you go. Consider adding a headband to help boost the look, or try a half-up, half-down style.

Sleep in an updo hairstyle for volume in the morning

The fastest way to flatten your strands is to sleep on them, no matter what hair products you used that day. To get an extra day (or two!) out of a blow-out, twist your hair into small loose sections and bobby pin them up before bed. When you wake up, unravel your twists and shake out your big head of hair.

Dirty hair hacks

How often you wash your hair is determined by many factors including age, ethnic background, activity level, and hair type. These hair hacks will help you hide your dirty strands on off-wash days.

Use dry shampoo before bed

Dry shampoo is your best friend on off-wash days. And using it before bed will give you big volume in the morning. Spray a little dry shampoo into your hands and rub it into your scalp with your fingers.

Blowdry your roots to combat grease

When you blow-dry your hair, try to concentrate only on the roots. And by roots, we mean just the top half-inch to inch of your hair. This method of drying makes an incredible difference in setting your hair up to be less greasy.

Wash just the top portion of your hair

If you have bangs, wash them in your bathroom sink, blow dry them with a round brush. If you don't have bangs, part a small portion of your hair at the crown, and wash and blowdry that. 

Switch your part

Changing the spot where you normally part your hair is one of the easiest ways to hide greasy strands. If you part your hair on the right, part it on the left instead, or vice versa. When you flip your hair to the other side, it'll show cleaner hair. Plus flipping your part gives you an instant update to your look.

Ponytails, braids and buns

The three easiest DIY hairstyles to camouflage dirty hair are a ponytail, braids, and a bun. Rub some dry shampoo into your roots to help hold your style in place. Then gather your strands into a high pony, a fishtail braid, or a big messy bun. You’ll be looking chic, while conveniently hiding the otherwise-visible grease in your hair.

Whether it’s a quicker hair care routine, a go-to DIY hairstyle, or going an extra day in between washes, every woman should have a few hair hacks up her sleeve. Get ready for your best head of hair yet, because our hair care, hair styling, and dirty hair hacks will banish bad hair days for good!

by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

cover photo by @nicolebradleyy

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