Does Cutting Hair Make It Grow Faster?

Our hair is part of our identity, and just as a bad hair day can start us off on the wrong foot, a good hair day can right the wrong. Unfortunately, information overload makes it tough to tell fact from fiction when it comes to caring for those lovely locks. That’s where we come in. Healthy hair habits like regularly cutting your hair removes damaged split ends and reduces the likelihood of needing costly conditioners and treatments. A thorough understanding of the dos, don’ts, truths and myths can make all the difference in a lifetime of healthy hair. 

5 Hair Myths You Should Know 

Does cutting your hair make it grow faster? Will pulling grays increase the gray? Let’s find out. 

1. Pulling gray hairs makes them grow back more

There is no evidence that removing gray or white hairs causes them to regrow. The hair follicle may get stressed and suffer damage as a result of pulling, but supersonic (silver) regrowth is unlikely.

2. Stress causes gray hairs to grow

False. Gray hair is genetic. That said, extreme stress can adversely impact hair growth, so stress-free is always key. 

3. Those with thin hair should skip conditioner

Hard no! ALL hair types need hydration as part of a healthy routine. Skipping a moisturizing conditioner could leave your hair undernourished and vulnerable. 

4. Split ends can be repaired

There is no way to truly fix a split end once it’s been… split — the only way to get rid of them is to trim them off. 

5. Frequent cutting makes hair grow faster

Don’t we wish?! Cutting your hair every four to six weeks keeps it healthy by managing split ends, but sadly, it doesn’t promote extra growth.

How to make your hair grow faster

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

There’s no magical potion to hair growth, but there are effective ways (beyond the debunked myth of cutting your hair to make it grow faster) to help you reach your hair goals. Fine, frizzy, oily or normal hair — we have you covered.  

Choose the right shampoo

Shampoo is your friend — just make sure your friend is compatible with your hair type. Choose the right one and you’re well on your way to stronger (longer) hair. If you’re struggling to see growth due to thinning or hair loss, Naturaltech Energizing Shampoo is a great way to help stimulate new growth while reinforcing weak hair. 

Let your wet hair be wet

Wet hair is susceptible to breakage, so treat it with care. Gentle drying and a wide-toothed comb for tangles is essential. 

Handle your hair with care

Certain things are just plain bad for hair. Thermal tools can cause breakage, so take an occasional hiatus from harsh styling tools, and be sure to protect your hair from other damaging factors like chlorine and sun. 

Make use of conditioner

Dry hair stunts hair growth and increases breakage, so never skip the nourishing step of conditioning your hair to restore growth proteins back into your hair follicles. 

Get your vitamins

Vitamin supplements can help hair growth, particularly if you have a deficiency, but ensuring your body is getting the nutrients it needs via a balanced diet is the most effective approach. 

Try keratin supplements

Since protein deficiency can result in thinning hair and hair loss, replenishing those proteins (read: keratin) may improve hair health. 

Apply essential oils

While there isn’t a ton of evidence that oils make hair grow faster, research has found that a few drops of rosemary, tea tree or lime oil (diluted into shampoo) can improve scalp health.

Give yourself a scalp massage

Give yourself a massage

Massaging your scalp with either a wet brush or exfoliating scrub helps to break up build up and stimulate hair follicles for new growth. Plus, it feels darn amazing, too. 

Add your own volume

A teasing comb and your favorite fine hair products are your very best friends if you’re dealing with hair loss or thinning hair. Use your comb to backcomb or tease the front of your hair for height at the crown. This create the illusion of more hair, while helping to hide any noticeable bald patches on your scalp.

What to Avoid for Hair Growth

Now that you know the dos, let’s talk about the don’ts. Millions suffer from hair loss, and issues like thinning, slow growth and breakage. Genetics and hormonal imbalances are often at play, but these are the factors within our control. 


Stress is not only bad for your health, but it can also impact your hair. All hair goes through “resting” periods when follicles don’t grow, and research shows that stress can prolong those resting and shedding phases. Bottom line: relieve stress, improve hair growth.  

Bleaching too frequently

Though popular, certain trends like using harsh oxidizers to remove pigment can also leave strands damaged and brittle as natural moisture also escapes. Heed our warning with such harsh approaches — or if you're due for a bleaching session, ask your Davines stylist about The Century of Light, our premium bleaching system formulated to protect hair during lightening services.

Blow drying too frequently

Just as bleach is damaging, so is heat. If hair growth is your goal, skip the blow drying for a bit. If that’s not an option, at least turn down the temperature and remember to use a heat protectant.


Tight styles that tug at the scalp can be damaging, so style sparingly and smartly!

Eating foods with high levels of mercury

While we’ve already discussed the importance of a balanced diet, which includes nutrient-rich fish and seafood, avoiding foods with high levels of mercury is crucial not only for your own health, but for hair growth. Here are a few to eat in moderation: swordfish, shark, king mackerel, bigeye tuna and chilean sea bass.

Find A Salon Near You

Now that we’ve debunked some common myths and outlined important factors regarding hair growth, the rest is up to you. A healthy hair care routine and overall healthy lifestyle is the insider secret. Check out our salon locator to ask your stylist to suggest the solutions that are right for you.

by Morgan Hansen, featured contributor

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