The Perfect Davines Product for Every Zodiac Sign

With all of the hair care options out there, finding the right routine can be overwhelming. Curating the perfect mix of products usually takes a lot of research, asking around for advice, and a healthy dose of trial and error.

But I'm here to offer a different point of reference for choosing hair care: THE SKY. Yes, we're going there.

The Davines North America office has seen a bit of a Zodiac Renaissance, if you will: one of the first things we ask new hires is "so... what's your sign?" We took this astrological passion and assigned a Davines product to every zodiac sign, so that even the simplest hair care routine can mesh perfectly with your personal needs (and of course, personal constellation).

Aries Davines Love

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and with this placement comes a strong sense of leadership. As someone who feels compelled to always boldly lead the charge, your hair care should embody a similar sense of order. Depending on your hair type, use LOVE/Curl Shampoo to whip your curls and waves into shape, or Love/Smoothing Shampoo to control frizz and flyaways.

Taurus zodiac Davines Let It Go Circle

While Tauruses are praised for their fierce loyalty, this also means they’re often known to be pretty stubborn. So to any Taurus out there struggling with a grudge or unwanted change, we’d recommend finding some personal time to unwind with the The Let It Go Circle. This hair mask’s relaxing scent and moisturizing formula will give you some much-deserved peace of mind (and of course, great hair).

Gemini zodiac Davines Liquid Spell

As a Gemini, you’re probably used to people making jokes about your “split personality.” The duality of Geminis is represented with twin imagery, and is also seen in the function of Liquid Spell. This nourishing leave-in has two sides itself, transforming from a liquid to foam to heal even the most damaged strands. And as people born during the summer, Geminis should feel right at home with a heat-activated treatment.

Cancer Davines zodiac Alchemic Red Conditioner

Cancers are one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, and are specifically known for being very nostalgic and sentimental. Any Cancer looking to hold on to damaged strands will appreciate the reparative power of Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner.

Davines Leo Shimmering Mist

As a Leo, you command attention. So why choose a hair care product that leaves you looking like everyone else? Make sure you stand out from the crowd with This is a Shimmering Mist — a light dusting of reflective shimmer will ensure you’re always front and center.

Davines Virgo Extra Strong Hairspray

Two words: Detail. Oriented. Virgos are known for being extremely analytical, carefully making sure to pay attention to even the smallest details in life. So when a Virgo does their hair, there had better not be a single strand out of place! Ensure that frizz and flyaways never ruin your style with This is an Oil Non Oil.

Davines Libra Rebalancing Shampoo

Libras represent bringing balance and harmony in the universe, which is seen with the depiction of perfectly even scales. Make sure that your hair and scalp are always in perfect balance with SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser — it removes build-up and impurities, leaving you with harmoniously healthy hair. 

For Scorpio Davines OI Oil

Scorpios are a passionate sign known for their intensity — that’s also the case for our OI line, since the rich scent of Roucou oil has been known to be impactful. The best pairing for a Scorpio would be OI Oil: richly scented and intensely nourishing, this leaven-in has Scorpion-like determination to nourish even the driest strands.

Davines Naturaltech Energizing

Born extroverts, people born under the sign Sagittarius are known for being motivated and energetic. This energy is (well, obviously) reflected in our Energizing line — just like a Sagittarius will do anything to achieve their goals, this Naturaltech family stimulates and encourages growth in all kinds of thinning or fragile hair.

Davines for Capricorn Dry Shampoo

When I say “self-control” you say Capricorn! These goats don’t mess around: they’re intensely disciplined and responsible, the ideal example of what being organized is all about. That’s why I feel confident that every Capricorn would benefit from This is an Invisible Dry Shampoo. Whether you’re working a 12 hour day or just going from the gym to a dinner date, even the most packed schedule doesn’t have to include greasy strands.

Aquarius zodiac Davines Authentic Formulas

Aquarians are known for being authentically themselves, true one-of-a-kind independents that strive for freedom. Any Aquarius should try Authentic Nourishing Oil, a multi-use oil for hair, body and skin that will let them have complete freedom to choose how they want to use them.

Pisces zodiac Davines Calming Shampoo

As a proud Pisces, I feel very comfortable saying that we can be known to a be a little, well… sensitive. Calming Shampoo works to soothe sensitive hair and scalp, bringing a healthy balance to even the most tumultuous hair out there.

by Lauren Hannel, staff contributor

Product drawings by @michelledufflocq

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