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Achieving the Perfect Metallic Blonde Hair Colour

This guide introduces Shimmer Blend, the latest blonde look from Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell’s nature-inspired Coastline Reflects collection, giving you the important tips you need to achieve, maintain and style the perfect metallic blonde look.

Meet our new metallic blonde: Shimmer Blend

What do we mean by metallic blonde? Simply put, it’s a blonde colour service that weaves together several refelctive shades to create depth and elevate shine. Think of how the light plays on the surface of the sea and makes sand on the beach seem to shimmer. This is the inspiration behind Shimmer Blend, part of the new Coastline Reflects Collection from Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell.

The allure of metallic blonde

Blonde is a relatively rare shade naturally, which probably explains why it's always been so alluring. Part of its appeal is the way it reflects the light and this is dialled up to maximum effect in a metallic blonde.

Choosing the right metallic blonde shade

Because it’s created from a blend of different shades, Our Shimmer Blend metallic blonde can be adapted for a warmer or cooler look. What you choose will depend in part on your skin tone, and also on how much maintenance you’re happy to commit to. The lighter and brighter you go, the more care you’ll need to give to your hair in order to keep it in top condition.

Warm vs cool metallic blond tones

Generally speaking, warmer hair tones suit those with warmer skin and vice versa. Some people have a cool skin tone, which means they have other options when it comes to their hair colour choice.

Our Shimmer Blend colour service uses a combination of shades from our VIEW line, including beige, gold, bronze and iridescent tones. By blending them together, our stylists are able to create cooler tones that avoid hair becoming brassy, creating warm hair tones that still have depth and richness.

Maintaining and styling vibrant metallic blonde hair

There are many different ways to style metallic blonde hair to maximise its allure. As part of the Coastline Reflects Collection, Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell has created two unique styles featuring the Shimmer Blend colour service.

Shimmer Blend Undone Waves

As the breeze moves across the ocean, the light bounces off gentle waves, inspiring this relaxed look. MORE INSIDE Blow Dry Primer gives your waves the right amount of body and separation, and combines with MORE INSIDE Invisible Serum to create definition.

Shimmer Blend Glass Blow Dry

Uniformly straight hair optimises light reflection like a still sea at day break. The ultra smooth effect is created using MORE INSIDE Relaxed Moisturising Fluid, polished to a high, glass-like shine with the addition of MORE INSIDE Shimmering Mist.

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This is a Primer
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This is an Invisible Serum
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This Is A Shimmering Mist

Maintaining your metallic blonde

To ensure you look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon for longer, you’ll need to create a hair maintenance routine that works for metallic blonde hair. To enhance and protect the beauty of this blonde look after the colour service we suggest to use HEART OF GLASS Silkening Shampoo and HEART OF GLASS Intense Treatment.
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Silkening Shampoo
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Intense Treatment
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Instant Bonding Glow

Considering this style?

The delicate brightness of Shimmer Blend has elevated its status and made it a popular choice in recent years.

If you’re ready to try it out, speak to your nearest Davines salon stylist to find the most suitable look for you, while protecting and maintaining the natural beauty of your hair.

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