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The Timeless Elegance of a Medium Blonde Bob: A Styling Guide

The blonde bob has popped up at various points throughout recent history, proving it to be a timeless choice that stays popular through the seasons. It’s also versatile, working at any age and with a range of different hair types. If you’re looking to recreate this classic and elegant look for yourself, our guide has all the inspiration and tips you need.

The classic medium blonde bob

The classic medium blonde bob falls somewhere between the chin and the shoulder. It can be straight, wavy or curly, layered or blunt, cut with or without a fringe, left natural and undone or styled to create a striking effect. This versatility is part of what makes it such a popular choice.

As part of the new Coastline Reflects Collection, Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell has created a twist on the classic medium blonde bob, inspired by nature and the way that sunlight reflects on the sea, the sand and the rocks. Combining an Italian bob with metallic blonde shades, it’s a vibrant look that’s full of life and movement.

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Choosing the perfect blonde shade

Blonde shades can vary, from icy ash blonde tones that look almost grey to warmer blondes shot through with hints of everything in between. You can change up blonde hair with hints of caramel, honey, beige, bronze - the choice really is enormous. Which one is right for you will depend very much on your skin tone, with warmer blondes suiting those with warm skin tones and cooler blondes being ideal for those with cool skin.

Whatever your tone, consider adding flashes of metallic blonde to give your look a sense of depth as your hair moves and catches the light. Our Metallic Anti-Frame colour service uses the new rich Golden Blonde and Bronze nuances from the VIEW line, strategically hiding touches of metallic blonde away from the face to create that sense of light shining through.

Medium blonde bob variations

As well as different blonde shades, there are different ways to wear a medium blonde bob. You can opt to stick closely to your natural hair type, embracing and enhancing your hair. 

The cut itself should take your hair type and face shape into account, playing up the features you most want to highlight. The cut can then be styled to enhance the effect, for example adding volume to fine hair. Below, we’re looking at two options created by Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell as a way of styling the Metallic Anti-Frame colour service.

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Blonde volume building blow-dry

Ideal for adding volume to fine hair, this style uses MORE INSIDE Blow Dry Primer to create a weightless finish, while new MORE INSIDE Dry Wax Finishing Spray adds texture and definition.

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Blonde easy smooth back

When you want your face to be the star of the show, use a smooth back look to create face framing width. This look is achieved by applying MORE INSIDE Blow Dry Primer in a backwards motion away from the face, adding MORE INSIDE Texturizing Serum to give hair the hold it needs to stay in place. Finally MORE INSIDE Shimmering Mist gives all over shine and extra separation to the ends.

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This is a Primer
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This Is A Shimmering Mist

Maintaining your styled bob

Shorter styles like a classic medium bob need regular maintenance to ensure they look their very best. Unless you’re planning on growing out your look, you’ll want to book in a trim regularly - around 6 weeks is average but your Davines Stylist will be able to advise you.

To maintain the vitality of your blonde colour, use dedicated colour protection products such as those from the Heart of Glass range. If you’ve had a colour service, think about adding nourishing and repairing products to your routine too, and those that will help you protect your hair, for example from blow-drying or UV rays from the sun.

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Silkening Shampoo
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Rich Conditioner
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Sheer Glaze

Craft your perfect colour and style

With so many options available, getting the right classic blonde bob for you isn’t a straightforward task - but it’s totally worth it. The goal is to find the one that will best enhance the natural beauty of your hair, express your personality, and boost your confidence.

For support to explore all of your options, speak to your local Davines hair colour and style Salon.

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