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Copper Dark Brown Hair: Change things up to Suit Your Personal Style

Hair trends come and go but copper dark brown hair is perpetually in style, with lots of fun options giving you the flexibility to change your look to suit your personality and your mood. In this guide, we’re looking at how to create and maintain the perfect copper dark brown hair approach for you. We’ve also got seasonal styling inspiration for every occasion - plus an eye-catching look from Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell’s latest collection, Coastline Reflects. 

The appeal of copper dark brown hair

What makes this rich, darkly coppery shade so appealing is its versatility and timelessness. Medium length cuts showcase it to best effect, and can be worn up or down, in formal or relaxed styles, enhancing or revealing the metallic depths.

As part of his new Coastline Reflects Collection, Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell has developed Metallic Frame, a colour and cut combo inspired by the iconic Jane Birkin. The collarbone length cut with a fringe, featuring sweeps of copper around the face, lets you hide or reveal the metallic flecks depending on how you feel.

The shades of dark copper

As with many hair colours - especially those with metallic elements - dark copper is made with a blend of shades, including those from both the warmer and the cooler ends of the spectrum.
Metallic Frame includes the new Ruby nuance from the VIEW colour range, adding a shimmer that works perfectly with warm and cool copper shades. Applied using our new Freemapping technique, our colourists can bring a fresh and exciting dimension to your look.

Choosing the perfect copper shade

The most flattering hair shades will always be those that best suit your natural skin tone. So if your skin tone is naturally warmer, then you’ll want to dial up the warmer shades - such as Ruby - within your copper. Likewise those with cooler skin will look best letting the cooler brown shades take the lead.

Styling copper dark brown hair

Whether you enjoy relaxed or formal styling, or updos, copper dark brown hair is versatile enough to take it. Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell has created two distinct style options for the Metallic Frame look, allowing you to express your individuality.

Solu Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser

Dark copper texture frame

This undone effect is created using MORE INSIDE Dry Texturizer and MORE INSIDE Oil Non Oil. The combination of matt movement from the first product and shine from the second is what makes this look stand out.

Detox Scrub Shampoo

Dark copper relaxed knot

For an updo with plenty of definition that will last throughout the day or evening, start with a weightless base using MORE INSIDE Texturizing Dust, adding texture with new MORE INSIDE Dry Wax Finishing Spray.

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This Is A Dry Texturizer
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This is an Oil Non Oil
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This is a Dry Wax Finishing Spray

Maintenance and care

There are many reasons why your copper dark brown look might fade, that’s why it’s so important to create a colour hair maintenance and protection routine, to ensure your chosen looks stays as bright and vibrant as possible for longer.

Choose products that repair damage and protect against the negative impact of heat and UV rays, and consider using specific products such as our ALCHEMIC Shampoo Copper and ALCHEMIC Conditioner Copper. These hydrating products include reflection enhancers to intensify copper shades.

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ALCHEMIC Shampoo Copper
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ALCHEMIC Conditioner Copper
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ALCHEMIC Conditioner Chocolate

Get creative with copper

The blend of tones within copper makes it a colour that anyone can embrace, whatever your age, face shape, hair type or style. Play with what works for you, enhancing your natural beauty with a subtle shift or making a statement with a more dramatic change.
For support to choose the shade that will bring a confident smile to your face, speak to your nearest Davines salon colourist today.

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