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Choosing the perfect Bronze shade for your curly hair

Bronze is not just one colour. It is many colours bound together, the different shades drawn out by changes in the light. This versatile metallic look, brought to life by Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell as part of the Coastline Reflects Collection, is ideal for enhancing the natural beauty of your curly hair. Here’s how to make a bronze colour work for you, based on your unique hair type and skin tone.

Understanding the Bronze Spectrum

Bronze is a rich and complex colour and has a brunette base, woven through with different levels of copper and ash tones. These differing levels of tones are what give bronze hair its versatility. It can lean towards the warm or the cool colour spectrum, which means that no matter what your skin type, there’s a bronze look that will suit you.
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Warm vs cool bronze tones

If you suit a warmer shade, you’ll want to dial up the copper tones in your bronze look. On the other hand, if cooler shades bring out the best in you, you’ll need to lean into those ashy Bronze tones.

When creating the Brushed Bronze look, Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell was inspired by the natural beauty of the sea and its surroundings, which shift and change as the sun rises and sets. Personalisation of highlights is achieved using the Bronze nuance from the VIEW colour line, which adds shimmer to an impactful blend of metallic shades. 

Considering your curly hair texture

The flexible appeal of bronze isn’t just based on its rich colour complexity. It’s also about the way it reflects the light. Because of this, it will look different depending on your hair type and how you style it.

Bronze for waves

Loose waves (2a-2c) let the light access more of the hair, creating ribbons of gorgeous reflective colour that showcase the full spectrum of the Brushed Bronze look.

Our Brushed Bronze colour service for Natural Curls uses MORE INSIDE Curl Building Serum andOI Oil to give the hair the correct amount of moisture and hold, which is essential for celebrating rather than altering the natural movement of the curls.
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Bronze for curls

If your hair is naturally curly (3a-3b), you may want to emphasise their movement with the rich warmth of bronze shades and glimmers of light shimmering out from brunette depths.

If you’re going for the Brushed Bronze color service for Defined Relaxed Curls, use MORE INSIDE Invisible Serum and MORE INSIDE Shimmering Mist. These products provide shine and separation, which are key in finishing these polished chunky curls.
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Bronze for coils

Add lightness and shine to brunette coils (3c-4a) with a touch of bronze streaked through your curls or giving the tips a sun-kissed edge.

If you’ve got gloriously coily hair, check out our LOVE CURL range, which includes a Curl Controller, Curl Revitalizer and Curl Primer, all of which have an anti-frizz effect to help define your curls and make them silky smooth. 

Complementing your skin tone

The joy of bronze is in its versatility, which is why it’s such a popular choice. Your skin tone plays a huge part in how colours sit against it and the same goes for your hair. Because bronze contains both warm and cool shades, you can dial them up and down to create the ideal look for your own skin tone.
  • Bronze for warm skin tones: Warm skin tones suit warmer bronze shades, where the copper undertones are played up.
  • Bronze for cool skin tones: Cool skin tones suit cooler bronze shades, which have more of the ash tones on display.
  • Bronze for neutral skin tones: You can wear any bronze, although a balance of copper and ash will look most natural.

Preserving the vibrancy

As with any color service, bronze hair needs looking after in order to maintain its richness and vibrancy and avoid the color fading or becoming brassy. Look for products that nourish the curls gently and promote shine.
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The final word on bronze curls

Whatever your natural curl type, length and colour, there’s a bronze look for you. It’s time to embrace the natural vitality of curly hair and play with what can be achieved to leave you feeling even more confident.

Speak to your nearest Davines salon expert for a professional consultation to help you choose the perfect shade for you.

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