A Biodiverse Picnic: Recipes Inspired by Essential Haircare

In honor of the International Day for Biological Diversity, May 22nd, we’re sharing delicious recipes that highlight Slow Food Presidia ingredients from our Essential Haircare line.

Why biodiversity matters

Our planet is experiencing a steady loss of biodiversity, which impacts all of us. Our partnership with Slow Food aims to counteract this by conserving and cultivating different unique plants.

A Slow Food picnic

  1. EGGPLANT AND TOMATO SALAD featuring Fiaschetto tomatoes, a Slow Food ingredient in NOUNOU
  2. LENTIL FLAN featuring Villalba lentils, a Slow Food ingredient in MELU
  3. POTATO, RED CELERY & PUMPKIN SOUP featuring Orbassano red celery, a Slow Food ingredient in DEDE

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