20 Low Maintenance Haircuts for Thick Hair

Having a thick, voluminous mane tops the list of most coveted beauty wants, but the truth is thick hair can be difficult to manage. Thick hair has a way of taking on a life of its own. Add to that, broken hair ties, too much time spent blow-drying, frizziness and the fact that thick hair may not be as strong as we once thought, and dealing with thick hair can really start to be a drag.

Thick hair tends to expand outward from the head more than finer hair, making it bigger and bulkier, so you need to make sure your haircut works with your thick hair rather than against it. Finding a low maintenance hairstyle for your thick hair can be a challenge, but the right hairstyle for thick hair can be the trick to taking your tresses from an unruly mess to gorgeous hair days galore.

1. The Curtain Bangs Haircut

Curtain bangs are a super-wearable style that works best on thick hair and can be added to any hairstyle for an instant update. Curtain bangs are typically eyebrow length or longer, and parted in the middle; although they can be worn without the part. Ask your stylist for slightly arched bangs with longer layers that frame the cheekbones and extend down towards the jawline.

2. The Grown-Out Fringe Haircut

Extra-long, grown-out bangs that sit right below the orbital bone are a timeless hair trend that looks good on almost everyone, especially those with thick hair. They frame the face beautifully and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your hair. And longer fringe means low maintenance as you don’t have to get trims as you would with a normal straight-across fringe.

Fringe bangs haircut Davines

Photo by @karlibobarley

3. The Long Chunky Layers Haircut

Layers are where it’s at when it comes to thinning out thick hair. If you have extra long, heavy locks, the key to controlling the layers is to cut them in chunks, so that one level cradles into the next one. This way, the weight of your hairstyle prevents it from looking messy when it’s loose.

4. The Graduated Stacked Bob Haircut

An extreme angled bob is an edgy way to update your hairstyle if you have thick hair. Ask your stylist to cut your hair into an inverted bob, and slightly stacked in the back. Style your stacked bob with a side part to show off the long front layers as they angle down your jawline and chin.

 5. The Choppy Lob Haircut

A choppy lob is a great haircut for thick curly hair that tends to be unruly and extra-sensitive to the humidity. The uneven, choppy edges of this haircut are purposely imperfect, making it the air-dry-perfect style (even in humidity). See our previous post on how to get perfectly air-dried hair.

6. The Medium Angled Lob Haircut

This heavy, angular cut has been trending for seasons and with good reason. A shoulder-trimming lob with longer layers frames the face in front, making this haircut modern and edgy while also giving you plenty of hair to work with if you want to throw it into a ponytail or braid.

7. The Classic Long Shag Haircut

A classic, long shag is perfect for those with thick hair who want to add more shape and overall volume. Ask your stylist for longer, choppier layers throughout, as this will help boost texture, without making your hair look too full. Aim for the longest length to fall just below your collarbones, and keep the shortest layer to around mid-cheek.

8. The Messy Bob with Choppy Layers Haircut

An angled messy bob forms a front focused shape with volume in the back and a dramatic slant for a more visually interesting haircut. And by adding choppy layers to a chin-grazing bob, your thick locks will look and feel less bulky, making them easier to manage, too.

9. The Razored Bob Haircut

A razored bob is the perfect haircut for thick hair if you’re in the process of growing out a really short haircut like a pixie. By purposefully keeping the ends razored and uneven, no one will see the imperfections of the grow-out.

10. The Pixie Haircut

A pixie cut is one of the best haircuts for thick hair and there are so many different variations — from slick and severe to casual and wispy, there’s a pixie for everyone. A pixie cut is also a great way to tame curly hair. It will keep your curls under control, letting them fall naturally, without being all over the place. Keep the sides cropped with the curls concentrated at the front, either falling to one side or gathered on top.

11. The Blunt Bob with Bangs Haircut

You can rock a blunt cut with thick hair if, and only if, your stylist hides layers underneath. Otherwise, you're prone to a not-so-flattering triangular shape. Blunt bangs help take some of the load off your mane and give a cool, carefree, it-girl vibe.

12. The Extra Long Lob Haircut

A long lob works well on pretty much all hair types and face shapes, not to mention it’s always on-trend. A side parting can help maximize the advantages of fuller-bodied locks to create a naturally voluminous look. Thick hair that sits below the shoulders looks especially chic, especially if your hair is shiny and in a good condition.

13. The Long Center-Part with Layers Haircut

This timeless style is modern and sophisticated and works wonders for those with thick hair that’s naturally straight or wavy. The layers don’t have to be dramatic, but ask your stylist to thin out the ends using shears to remove any excess weight at the bottom of the cut. This result is a subtle and effortless haircut that feels much lighter than it looks.

14. The Layered Lob Haircut

A layered lob is a perfect way to update your long, heavy, thick hair into beautiful, bouncy strands. Ask your stylist for blunt ends with a few wispy layers highlighting your hair’s natural texture. And the tousled look is all in the styling- use a dry texturizing spray to give your layers movement and watch this shorter hairstyle breathe new life into your thick hair.

15. The Textured Choppy Layered Haircut

Textured layers are a great way to manage thick hair because they add plenty of movement to your strands and thin out the bulk in your hair. Ask your stylist to use thinning shears to add choppy layers for more movement and flow. This haircut works well with both curly hair and straight locks.

16. The Undercut

If you’re looking to maintain your length while taking away some of the weight, ask your stylist for an undercut. The undercut is a great way to remove a bulk of hair so the hair will lay smoother and sleeker. An undercut is a haircut where the sides and back of the head are shaved off. A close-cropped undercut can even be detailed with razor art that can be seen anytime you pull your hair up.

17. The Long Layers Haircut

Long layers are a great way to inject subtle movement and lightness into long, thick hair. If you have curly thick hair that’s longing for some lightness, long, choppy layers are your best friend. Chin-skimming layers work particularly well as they can help frame the face while adding a bit of drama to ultra-long cuts. Ask your stylist for vertical and horizontal layers. These will not only cut down the volume but also achieve lightness and movement.

Davines long layers haircut thick hair

18. The Rounded Bob

This modern take on the bowl cut is a rounded bob that’s softer and more lived-in, making it a really great everyday haircut for thick hair. Shorter versions of a bob haircut tend to take on a triangular shape on thick hair types, but with layers that fall below the ear, strands flipped inward, and side-swept bangs that blend seamlessly into the haircut, this simple bobs is perfect for thick hair.

19. Feathered Layers

Really thick hair can appear to weigh you down, particularly if it’s all one length. A great way to give your hair some natural-looking movement and texture is to avoid blocky blunt ends that will only make your hair look even thicker, and opt for delicate, feathered layers, instead.

20. The Grown-Out Pixie

The great thing about thick hair is that it makes the awkward growing-out phase a little more bearable, especially if your hair has a bit of a natural wave, so if your pixie is growing out, go with it. Or skip the initial ultra-short pixie go with this version instead! Ask your stylist for longer layers in the front that shape and emphasize your curls.

Thick Hair Hacks

Thick hair expands outward from the head more than finer hair, making it appear bigger and bulkier so you have to make sure your products and styling techniques are helping, rather than hurting your hair. We’ve got the thick hair hacks you need for a more manageable 'do below.

  • Choose the correct shampoo and conditioners.Choose a moisturizing, reparative, hydrating shampoo and conditioner that are on the heavier side. Thick, curly or coarse hair lacks moisture, so a hydrating shampoo is perfect for adding a shot of moisture and the nutrients it needs.
  • Comb your hair while you’re still in the shower.Combing your hair while there’s still conditioner in it not only smoothes your strands but also helps them dry faster. After you rinse out your shampoo, apply a few drops of conditioner to your ends. Quickly untangle your hair with your fingers, before running a wide-tooth or detangling comb through your lengths. 
  • Wrap your hair in a cotton T-shirt.Ditch your towel in favor of a cotton t-shirt. The back-and-forth rubbing from a towel can be aggressive to the hair cuticles. A cotton T-shirt absorbs the excess water without frizzing up your strands, and cuts down on your blow-drying time. 

Protect thick hair Davines salon

Photo by @karlibobarley

  • Protect your hair from heat damage.When you have thick hair, always rough-dry it first to get most of the moisture out. Then, apply a blow-dry heat primer to damp strands before fully blow-drying it to reduce your blow-drying time. You can use a flat iron to tame any flyaways and frizz after blow-drying strands to get a sleek look. 
  •  Prep your brush before you use it.Spray your brush with hair spray before running it through your strands to help seal the cuticles, reduce static, and keep all the hairs together. Start your brushing underneath your hair, as opposed to the top of your head—that will help you avoid crunchy-looking strands too. 
  •  Use fabric hair ties.If you have thick hair, stay away from anything with a grip or plastic that will get caught in your massive mane and rip it out. Thin and flat fabric hair ties have more staying power and won't break or dent your thick hair. 
  • Molding gel is key.Start off with a quarter-size amount on your mid-shaft to ends, applying whatever is left on the roots. Products should be applied differently on thick hair—section out the sides, from the top, and from the back and apply the molding gel to your strands. Follow up with a wide-tooth comb to distribute it all evenly throughout. 
  • Try a half-updo.Thick hair is perfect for the messy low-key style du-jour; the half-knot or half-bun. Your knot or bun will look full, while also taking some of the thickness out of your bottom layer. Just tie the top half of your hair into a ponytail, pin the tail up with a bobby pin and mess around the bun to complete the look. 

Having thick hair can be a blessing and a curse, depending on the day, but with our low maintenance haircuts for thick hair and thick hair hacks, managing your mane will be a breeze!

by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

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