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12 DIY Hairstyles for a Holiday Party


No matter what you celebrate this season, Davines stylist Tommaso Incamicia has the hairstyles for all your holiday party needs. 

It’s party season. And that means it’s time to get dressed up. Whether you’re hosting at home or toasting on a rooftop, there are so many occasions that call for looking festive this season. With the help of Davines stylist Tommaso Incamicia, we’ve put together 4 holiday hairstyles for every party on your calendar, plus 8 extra styling suggestions.

Creating the Perfect Holiday Hairstyle

The perfect party hair is created with the right mix of products and accessories, and lasts through hours of celebrating with family and friends. Keep reading for all the stylist-approved holiday hairstyles, hair accessories and styling products to get you through party season!

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High Ponytail with Hair Bungee

Nothing brings the drama like a sky-high ponytail styled with a bungee for maximum height.

  • Brush dried hair and apply This is a Medium Hold Pliable Paste to your roots.
  • Put hair in a ponytail and secure with a hooked elastic band/bungee
  • Moisten the ponytail withThis is a Blow Dry Primer
  • Twist the ponytail, fold it in two, secure with pins on the base and with another string, and go around it twice to give it a bubbly look
  • Finish off with the This is a Strong Hair Spray and add a cute jewel to the base of your ponytail for that extra brightness

    Pro tips:
  • Heat the paste well with the hair dryer for a better hold
  • The more the tail is tightened and twisted, the better
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Sleek Ponytail with Skinny Barrettes

Try this effortlessly sleek ponytail paired with a few sets of layered skinny barrettes.

  • Part hair in two, and brush one side dry before applying This is a Medium Hairspray
  • Put your hair in a low ponytail and add some shiny hair clips down to your ear
  • Undo the front of one side of the pony and spray This is a Medium Hairspray to the loose side of your hair
  • Spray This is a Shimmering Mist across the whole look
  • Finish off by putting your hair in a low ponytail with a shiny elastic band or jewel
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Low Ponytail with a Velvet Bow

A velvet bow wrapped around the base adds a seriously pretty update to a simple ponytail.

  • Spray This is a Dry Texturizer on your roots, and brush your hair
  • Put your hair in a low ponytail and leave your bangs out
  • Apply OI Oil on all the lengths and brush your hair
  • Secure your pony with a velvet string: go around it a few times and tie it
  • Complete the look by spraying the texturizer on your bangs to make them look soft and effortless
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Simple Style with Sparkling Hair Pins

Want to let your hair accessories do the talking?

This look is as simple as slipping a few festive hair pins in place! It’s one of the easiest holiday hairstyles, and lets you really play up your hair's natural texture and desired style.

Must-Have Products that Bring Your Styles to Life

These are Tommaso’s must-have styling products for creating the best holiday hairstyles.

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A glossy, finishing spray that makes hair shiny

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An easy to work with, strong-hold hairspray

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A brushable hairspray that adds structure

8 Extra Hairstyles for the Holidays

Read more on cute winter hairstyles that seamlessly transition from night to morning, and make you look the coolest one in the room!

  • Intricate Updo with a Velvet Ribbon
    Incorporate a velvet ribbon by weaving it into a loose braid before twisting and and pinning it into an updo. A charming style, with a vintage touch.
  • Soft Brushed-Out Curls
    The big sister to beachy waves, brushed-out curls are a softer, more romantic holiday hairstyle for curly hair.
  • Crown Braid
    Try a royal twist on a typical braid with a wraparound crown. Bonus — this style has staying power and will look just as good at your holiday brunch the next day!
  • Loose Curls
    Big loose curls work especially well if you've got a lot of texture in your hair. Place a sparkly barrette vertically behind one ear.
  • Fishtail Ponytail
    Throwing a fishtail braid into your ponytail is another easy way to glam up an everyday hairstyle. Use a velvet ribbon to tie off the ends of your braid.
  • French Twist
    The french twist is officially back this season with a modern, slightly undone version. Keep your messy twist in place with bobby pins.
  • Tight Pony
    A tight ponytail keeps you looking chic and put together. Add an extension or hairpiece for a voluminous statement pony.
  • Pin-Straight Center Part
    This hairstyle references the 90s with a classic middle part and serious volume at the crown. Pair it with a brown lipstick to complete the throwback party look.

Festive Holiday Hair Accessories

Deck your hair with the season’s must-have accessories. Here are our favorites for keeping strands in place.

  • Hair Ties
    Hair ties make ponytail-induced breakage and scalp pain a thing of the past.
  • Gold and Silver Barrettes
    Gold and silver barrettes are multitasking accessories that work to both glam and hold up your strands.
  • Skinny Barrettes
    Mix and match layers of skinny barrettes and bobby pins onto the side of any hairstyle for an embellished twist.
  • Hair Jewelry
    Adding dainty hair jewelry in gold finishes with rhinestones and pearls make any hairstyle look a little more dressed up.
  • Headbands
    From padded to crystal encrusted and velvet, a holiday headband can set the tone for your entire look.

Gift Sets for Your Loved Ones

Don't get caught unprepared: these hair care gift sets will keep everyone on your list looking merry and bright.
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Give the gift of this amazing masking trio. The Spotlight Circle, Let It Go Circle and Renaissance Circle are treatments to keep your hair healthy repairing damage, adding shine, and relieving stress.

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Every blonde knows that color maintenance is key. With Biacidic bond complex and natural Jagua Blue extract, our Heart of Glass Shampoo, Conditioner and Sheer Glaze nourish, brighten, and protect all blondes.

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This holiday gift bundle works well on all hair types. It includes our best-sellers OI Shampoo, Conditioner, and Oil for shiny strands. The OI line features nourishing Roucou Oil and an unforgettable scent. 

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Salon-Exclusive Gift Sets

Exclusive holiday gift sets are also available to purchase in participating Davines salons. 

There’s a set for every head of hair on your list! Check out the full collection of specially-curated (and beautifully-packaged) holiday gift boxes.

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