11 At-Home Hair Tips from Davines Stylists

With many salons closed, people are having to take their haircare into their own hands. But before you reach for those scissors or box dye — we've rounded up a panel of experts to help you make the most of this time at home. Take their advice to learn how to keep your hair looking healthy in between salon appointments, as well as some fun tips and styling recommendations.

Get to know our four haircare experts:

Why are at-home treatments important, especially during this time where you cannot visit a salon?

"It is important that we practice self-care and nourish our bodies during these stressful times. Since we will have to skip our salon services, our hair will need an extra boost to get us through this time, without developing too many split ends. Try relaxing while using the Restless Circle or Renaissance Circle. They will help repair split ends while leaving your hair nourished and soft." —Nevuah Tova

What is your favorite Davines at-home treatment? Why?

"I really love using the Authentic Nourishing Oil for its versatility and weightless texture. The fact that it is also useful from head to toe is an additional benefit."  —Dennis Taylor

"Since I have very fine hair, my go-to at home treatment is to apply The Wake-Up Circle to my scalp and The Quick Fix Circle to my ends. It leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny without weighing it down." —Michelle Knudsen

What is your current haircare routine?

"I always apply The Restless Circle to my ends before I work out, then I alternate my shampoo and conditioner between the Replumping line and Nourishing line. On day two, I always spray Hair Refresher to my roots to extend the life of my style." —Michelle Knudsen

"I have been washing my hair twice a week and alternating between SOLU/shampoo for a deep clean and the SU shampoo, since I have been gardening and spending a lot of time in the sun. I find the OI Hair Butter is the best treatment for my hair, and then I air dry with Liquid Spelland OI All in One Milk." Nevuah Tova

Why should you skip the box color and wait until the salon re-opens? What can you do for your roots during this time?

"Using box color could result in damage, and ultimately expensive corrective color services when salons reopen. Try Davines' Alchemic shampoos and conditioners to softly blend your roots or to enhance existing color.” —Dennis Taylor

"You can do a lot of damage with chemicals and risk hair breakage if you aren’t careful. The best thing to do for your roots right now is to get creative with silk hair scarves and cute hats." —Michelle Knudsen

What are some fun hairstyles people can try while they’re at home?

"2 strand braids, such as rope braids or herringbone braids are quick and versatile ways to style your hair at home. In addition, they look great for that Zoom meeting!" —Dennis Taylor

"While at home, I recommend practicing styles you want to master. My clients are always asking how to curl your hair with a flat iron, and my response is always that it takes practice. Now that you have the time, watch a tutorial, spray some MELU/hair shield for heat protection and get practicing!" —Michelle Knudsen

If you could give your clients one piece of advice during this time, what would it be?

"Love yourself and your hair during this time. Take a break from heat, do some conditioning treatments and relax." —Tonya Hullet

"Make an effort to reach out to someone every day. It is easy to feel isolated, but helpful to remember that we are all in this together." —Dennis Taylor

Cover photo by @thecurrenthair

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