The Benefits of Using Shaving Cream: What Does it Do?

Imagine achieving a smooth, irritation-free shave effortlessly. The secret isn’t rocket science. It goes beyond the skin’s surface to an often overlooked essential, or more appropriately, a secret weapon—shaving cream.  

Beyond the promise of a closer shave, the benefits of shaving products extend to the very health of your skin. The lubrication from shaving cream doesn’t just battle friction between the razor and the skin, essentially shielding you from nicks, cuts and razor burns, but quality shaving creams are also hydration heroes, packed with moisturizers that rejuvenate your skin post-shave. Choosing the right product, whether it’s shaving cream, foam or gel, is imperative in elevating your grooming routine—and we’re here to spill all the secrets to achieving the wet shave you deserve. 

The Role Of Shaving Cream In Achieving A Smooth Shave

Shaving cream truly is the unsung hero behind a velvety smooth shave. Its value comes from its ability to prime the skin and hair for the razor's blade, going beyond its seemingly utilitarian function.

A good shaving cream acts as a protective barrier—a bodyguard, if you will—softening the hair and creating a smooth surface for the blade to glide across (read: bye bye friction, razor burn and the risk of inflammation). This isn’t about luxury; it’s an essential in the art of shaving. The moisturizing magic keeps your skin healthy and hydrated—hello, supple complexion. 

It’s also a sensory experience as shaving creams have evolved to come in a variety of fragrances and textures, catering to diverse preferences. So although you may never have thought much about it, as the grooming industry continues to innovate and grow, understanding the role of a quality shaving cream is your ticket to not just a close, comfortable shave, but a revitalizing part of your daily grooming ritual. 

The benefits of using shaving cream

The Benefits Of Using Shaving Cream For Healthy Skin

Beyond achieving a closer shave; it's about the importance of moisturizing and softening the hair follicles. Facial hair, unlike the hair on your head, is typically wiry and thick, making it more difficult to cut. Shaving cream softens the facial hair, enabling the razor to glide much more effortlessly across the skin, promoting an overall healthier complexion. Shaving cream is also a skincare treat as it’s packed with soothing and skin-friendly ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile and shea butter. 

Choosing The Right Shaving Cream For Your Skin Type

Navigating the variety of shaving cream options available may feel overwhelming, but it’s all about finding the perfect match for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin that’s prone to irritation, opt for a cream that offers a calming hug for your skin, like soothing aloe vera or chamomile. 

Alternatively, those with oily skin should go for a lightweight, non-clogging formula with ingredients like tea tree oil or witch hazel to keep that excess oil in check. 

If you suffer from dry skin, try a cream with rich moisturizers like shea butter or glycerin—your skin (and overall skincare routine) will thank you for the nourishing goodness. The ideal shaving cream is undoubtedly out there. You just have to take the time to find your match. 

Prevent ingrown hairs for a perfect shave

Prevention of Ingrown Hairs

Anyone who’s ever shaved before, knows about the dreaded “i” word—ingrown hairs. These pesky, and often painful, bumps occur when hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin, leading to inflammation and irritation. Preventing them is a crucial part of maintaining smooth, healthy skin. 

Regular exfoliation is your secret weapon. By scrubbing away the dead cells that trap hair beneath the surface, you’re helping to promote a flawless hair growth pattern. 

Try a gentle exfoliating scrub or soft brush (using circular motions) during your shower routine, giving extra love to areas like the bikini line and beard zone that are prone to ingrown hairs. Proper shaving products and techniques—like shaving in the direction of hair growth—also play a pivotal role in preventing ingrown hairs. You could even consider the addition of a shaving oil or shaving soap, often enriched with the magical, anti-oxidative power of Vitamin E, for a bonus layer of protection. 

Tips For Using Shaving Cream Effectively

To get the most out of your routine, start by prepping your (skin) canvas. Dampen your face with warm water to soften the hair and open up the pores. This makes it easier for the shaving cream to penetrate and provide the perfect shave. 

Once your skin is prepped and ready, grab a small amount of shaving cream—trust us, a little goes a long way—and lather it evenly across your skin. Now it’s time to shave. Always shave in the direction your hair grows, and when finished, apply the post-shave products you might need. If you’re unsure, we can help. 

The benefits of using shaving cream Davines

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get after a close, comfortable shave, and shaving cream is a crucial part of the experience. Not only will it leave your face feeling fresh, clean and rejuvenated post-shave, it will make the process of shaving that much more pain free. 

Choosing the right shaving cream for your skin type is crucial, as different products contain different ingredients that may or may not be beneficial for you—so tune in to your skin, and choose accordingly.

It may seem like a mundane part of your grooming routine, but it’s an important one, and one that can mean the difference between an amazing shave and a shave you’d wish never happened. If there’s anything we can do to help you on your journey to finding the right shaving cream, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts near you.   

by Morgan Hanson, featured contributor

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