Our Favorite Natural Volumizing Products For Fine Hair

Whether your hair is frizz-prone or fine-textured, a natural lift can seem difficult for many to sustain. After getting rid of any excess product build-up and cleansing with a moisturizing shampoo, sometimes you still need an extra boost.From the sun and humidity to color treatments or genetics, there are so many potential causes of thinning and damaged hair. However with the proper care, there are simple solutions to nurse your hair back to optimal health while adding a lot of volume along the way. 

Cleaning solutions

Every good hair day needs a strong, clean base.


While excess oil can leave your hair feeling dirty and weighed down, many shampoos strip away all of the natural moisture in your hair, leaving it feeling dry and lifeless. For maximum volume, properly cleansed and hydrated hair is essential. VOLU shampoo offers a lightweight and cleansing option for optimal volume. Infused with turnip root extract, this shampoo is filled with nutrients including phosphorus, iron, and vitamins A, B and C. 

Your Hair Assistant Prep Shampoo

For a fresh start,Your Hair Assistant Prep Shampoo removes any excess product build-up and grease without drying out your hair. Nourishing your mane with moisture and natural ingredients, this product provides your strands with the necessary nutrients for a seamless styling session. 

Replumping Shampoo

Designed with delicate and breakage-prone hair in mind, ourReplumping Shampoo revitalized brittle strands with essential moisture for sleek, shiny, and strong hair. Part of ourNaturaltech range, this shampoo uses sustainably-sourced ingredients coupled with innovative product design to cleanse and boost your hair’s elasticity. To replenish and soften your strands, pair the Replumping Shampoo with its coordinating conditioner for ultimate hydration and lift. 

Energizing Shampoo

Wake up your tired locks and prevent thinning and breakage with our caffeine-infusedEnergizing Shampoo. Another product in our Naturaltech line, this shampoo is designed to protect against hair loss while simultaneously stimulating hair growth. Maximize the benefits of this caffeine-infused shampoo and pair it with theEnergizing Thickening Tonic for a hair-strengthening showering routine; and for an optimal lift: applyEnergizing Gel after towel-drying your hair.

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Photo by Cassell Ferere

Primers and pick-me-ups

For maximum volume and health, you need to ensure that your hair stays healthy and hydrated. Therefore before styling, it is essential to create a protective barrier between hair and heated tools.


For maximum volume and shine, use theVOLU Hair Mist in conjunction withVOLU Shampoo. No matter how you choose to style your hair, this spray will add body and a natural sleekness.

Your Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer

For a glossy and bouncy blowout, useYour Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer after getting out of the shower to enhance your hair's natural shine and cut your dry time in half. 

This is a Volume Boosting Mousse

Add airy volume to any hairstyle with this lightweight mousse. Created with all hair types in mind, apply someThis Is A Volume Boosting Mousse on towel-dried your hair for an ultimate lift upon styling.

Hair Refresher

For those extra hot, post-workout, or lazy hair days, don’t let some extra grease weigh you down. Revitalize and add a volume boost to second (or third) day hair with freshly-scentedHair Refresher.

Texturizing treatments

For when you hair needs a little extra boost.

This is a Sea Salt Spray

This texturizer is the next best thing to being born with natural beach waves. With a short list of natural ingredients, useThis Is A Sea Salt Spray on dry or wet hair to create a full-bodied look that’s perfect for the warm weather months. 

This is a Texturizing Dust

Give your roots a lift withThis Is A Texturizing Dust. While perfect for fine hair, this product also works as an ultra-volumizing alternative to dry shampoo, bringing life back to your second-day hair. Apply this product when styling for best results.

Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist

For a put-together yet piecey hairdo,Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist adds volume and texture to freshly washed hair. Use this right after styling for a frizz-free, full-bodied look. 

Which of these tips are you most excited to try out next? 

by Elisa Lewittes

cover photo by @karlibobarley

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