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Discover our New Hydrating Shine Treatment


As light as water, ultra-fast and with ingredients of natural origin that give hair unprecedented softness and shine: meet OI Liquid Luster!

If your hair has appeared dull, drab and limp lately, we have the perfect solution for you:OI Liquid Luster, a treatment with a liquid water-like texture that is able tomoisturize hair and leave it shiny and soft, providing aWOW effectin just a few seconds. 

How to quickly achieve soft and shiny hair

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In comparison with other nourishing products that you might have tried in the past, OI Liquid Luster has a liquid, transparent and light texture. It does not weigh hair down and it works quickly, helping you save precious time! Plus its formula is rich in moisturizing agents that tame frizz and control hair, making it able to reflect the light better. Try it to believe it!

Davines shine-boosting treatment: before and after with OI Liquid Luster

OI Liquid Luster improves the quality of the hair, leaving it incredibly healthy and soft, and making it easier to comb, blow-dry and style. It is soft to the touch with extraordinary shine, for a reflective, glass-like effect!

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Natural ingredients that leave your hair smooth and soft

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OI Liquid Luster contains moisturizing ingredients of natural origin according to the Davines philosophy that always promotes this type of formula. 

  • Roucou Oil — Oil obtained from the Roucou, a plant in Amazonia. Also referred to as ‘Achiote,’ it's known for its strong shine enhancing properties as it is able to reflect light.
  • Cardoon Oil — Cardoon extract is transformed into a light biodegradable oil that leaves hair shinier, easier to comb and more manageable, making it simpler to apply the product evenly.

How to apply the OI Liquid Luster shine-boosting treatment at home

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  • After washing your hair, towel dry your hair to remove any excess water.
  • Apply OI Liquid Luster on lengths and ends only, massage to fully saturate and rinse thoroughly. There are no leave-in times, therefore the treatment is super-fast and immediately effective.
  • Lastly, you can use the other products in the OI range as the finishing touch to a perfect blow dry. Apply OI All In One Milk if you desire a moisturizing finish for a long-lasting style. On the other hand, apply OI Oil if you need an extra touch of shine and frizz-control.

Our OI Line: best-selling frizz control

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The OI line is one of our most popular because it provides extraordinary shine and softness to every type of hair. Another one of the characteristics that will make you love OI is that it helps improve the texture of your hair from the very first application. Here are the things that you will like the most:

  • It immediately makes hair softer and shinier, believe us when we say that everyone will notice!
  • A rich and unforgettable fragrance. Read the reviews and you will discover that many love the signature scent of the OI line.
  • Each product offers multiple benefits, for example OI All In One Milk can be used as a leave-in conditioner, a de-tangler or to protect against heat.
  • The Roucou oil contained in every product leaves hair easier to comb and it aids styling.

All-around sustainability

Every time we launch a new product we look for the most sustainable solutions, for both formula and packaging. For example, all OI products are made and packaged in Italy at the Davines Village, using energy from renewable sources. Plus, OI bottles and jars are made of post-consumer recycled plastic. Why is this important? Because post-consumer plastic comes from the correct disposal and recycling of each one of us and helps us not to use new raw materials from our planet.

Another way that out packaging minimises its impact is that the carbon dioxide emissions generated by its production are compensated through the reforestation of areas at risk of desertification. If you want to find out more, read our article dedicated to the EthioTrees project, which involves the reforestation of natural reserves in the northern areas of Ethiopia.

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