5 Simple Habits For Effortlessly Healthy Hair

Wish that you could wake up with sleek and shiny hair that requires nearly no styling? While there's no miracle cure, and you’re bound to be reaching for the nearest dry shampoo or anti-frizz treatment on some mornings, this hair "fantasy" is (relatively) achievable.Like your skin or nails, your hair is a reflection of your overall health and necessitates regular maintenance. Over time, through the implementation of small daily and weekly habits (and product swaps), you will be able to make positive strides towards the hair you've always desired.Read on for the five simple tips to add into your routine today for healthier hair.

1. Maintain a healthy diet

There’s no escaping it, you are what you eat. This "diet" is about creating a lifestyle that includes nourishing yourself with nutrient-dense foods. There are many reasons to make this shift and every healthy meal swap is a step in the right direction.It cannot be overstated how much of an impact adding more fresh produce and healthy fats to your meals on a regular basis has.Achieving voluminous and shiny hair while also enjoying a greater overall vitality should be an incentive to start this self-care routine today; try to start by swapping your favorite soda and candies for strawberries, cashews, and chia seeds.

2. Stay hydrated

Going hand-in-hand with a healthy diet, it only makes sense that you need to drink enough water every day to have well-hydrated hair. In terms of hair care, the benefits of this practice are nearly endless. Especially for those with dry, frizz-prone, or colored hair, adequate moisture prevents against breakage and damage, adds luster and natural volume, reduces flyaways, and promotes hair growth.Additionally, this general wellness practice will leave your skin glowing and give you more energy — making it easier to wake up to your morning alarm in time to wash (or dry shampoo) your hair before work.Seamlessly integrate this habit into your daily routine by drinking water infused with lemon, lime, cucumber, or berries throughout the day, or enjoying coconut water, green tea, and water-rich produce.

3. Be gentle

While it’s important to protect your hair from the elements, leverage your basic daily routine and nourish your hair from the inside outwards.Paradoxically, the more gentle that you are with your strands, the stronger they will be. Through proper nourishment and care, a hair “diet” consisting of natural and sustainably-sourced products, with vitamin-rich ingredients, will prevent your hair against breakage (without the potentially harmful effects of chemicals).Alongside these products, be kind to your strands and ensure that your styling tools do not damage your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush with wet hair and minimize your elastic use when possible.

4. Get regular trims

Any Davines stylist will urge you that it's really important to routinely schedule trims — no matter how long your desired hair length. As you might already know, keratin is the key protein in both your hair and nails. Therefore, you are actively damaging these follicle sets when you disregard scheduling regular grooming appointments. For women, the general rule is to get a routine trim every 6-12 weeks depending on your hair type, styling preferences, and coloring routine.Typically though, those with color-treated or thinner hair need to visit the salon more often for regular touchups while those with thicker, curlier and naturally-colored hair types usually can wait a few extra weeks. 

For men, the recommended window between visits mostly depends on your preferred hairstyle. The general rule of thumb is every six weeks to maintain a healthy, well-groomed cut.Because there is no magic number of weeks that one should go between haircut appointments, listen to your stylist’s guidance for a personalized recommended time frame to follow when scheduling trims. Especially for those with breakage-prone hair, try out the MELU shampoo and conditioner as well as the Energizing Thickening Tonic for extra protection and strength.

 5. Use heat protection

Adding these few seconds to your hairstyling routine will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration in the long run. Whether you blow dry, curl, or straighten your mane, all of this heat is ultimately frying the cuticles — leaving your hair damaged and more prone to breakage. Practically, there is no reason to stop using these tools (at least in the long-term). However, remember to spray on someYour Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer orMELU Hair Shield for smoother, silkier, and healthier hair.

While you might not suddenly transform your hair care routine overnight, remember to strive for progress, not perfection, on the journey to creating healthier hair habits. If needed, adopt these changes over time for a truly sustainable styling routine. 

Which of these hair rituals do you swear by?

by Elisa Lewittes

cover photo by Cassell Ferere

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