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Back to Natural

Do you want to change reflects, go darker, or are you just tired of regrowth? The Back to Natural service is what you're looking for: it's recommended when a re-pigmentation is necessary to ensure the longevity of the color while making it shine.

Stand Out Blonds & Blond Vibes

Our Stand out Blondes service is ideal for a more blended and delicate blonde look, enhancing the transparency of tones. It's perfect after a bleaching service or in the case of natural blonde hair. Or do you want to add shine and sparkle to your blonde hair? Blonde Vibes is a glaze service to help neutralize unwanted undertone. 

Shine and Bright & Blend and Refresh

Our Shine and Bright service is ideal to enhance the shine of your color. View Gloss is great on natural hair, but works best on colored or chemically-treated hair after bleaching, a perm, relaxer or rebonding. Would you like to play with different tones to bring more life to tired hair? Blend and Refresh can help you by refreshing lengths and ends, enhancing or balancing existing color. "


Angelo Seminara Team