Imprinting Tecnique 

The wonder of the universe

Have you ever stopped to observe the geometry of nature? The entire universe is dominated by graphic shapes, reflecting a precise, harmonic design.As nature gives an aesthetic predetermination, hairdressers are the guardians of chromatic geometries developed into countless visual expressions, customised according to client requirements and creativity. These suggestions have given rise to a new color service: Imprinting pays homage to the wonder of the universe.

(Im)possibile colour

Imprinting is the new service that creates graphic chromaticities that were previously unthinkable. It ranges from strong color contrasts, to the most sophisticated, subtle tones. Applied to the length of the hair, there are no regrowth issues.Imprinting comes from the inspiring power of nature.

Primordial strength

The Imprinting technique has also been used in the Wild collection. Perfect for all women who have the strength to dominate the contemporary world, with their own primitive energy.

A glimpse of intimacy

The Reflection collection was also based on the application of the Imprinting technique through The Imprinter tool. With the launch of Reflection, two new stencils, Horizontal and Windows, have been added to enrich the range of The Imprinter tool.

Tools and techniques

Imprinting is based on The Imprinter tools, stencils with various graphic effects. More natural or stronger results can be achieved with two techniques. 

Imprinting Sublime

Ideal for those who want graphic effects designed to be seen in casual gestures or in updo hairstyles. 

Imprinting Visionary 

Ideal for those who want to dare with elegance, standing out with a highly creative and highly dramatic artistic look.


Artistic director

Angelo Seminara


Angelo Seminara Team