Revitalisant sans sulfates

Gentle sulfate free conditioners to keep curls, colored-treated hair, fine strands, and thick manes happy and healthy.

Revitalisant sans sulfates
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Sulfate-Free Conditioner for Every Hair Type

If there’s one change you want to make to your current hair care routine, it’s ditching any and all products that contain sulfates. This common ingredient is found in the majority of shampoos and conditioners on the market because of its sudsy, foaming properties. You may have noticed labels recently advertising their contents as “sulfate-free”. That’s because this surfactant’s cover has been blown. Not only does it dry out hair from root to tip, but it can strip your color, irritate your scalp, and exacerbatedandruff. 

True, working your hair into a nice lather helpsremove product build up, dirt, and grime. But shampoos and conditioners with sulfates actually strip away too much, leaving the hair dry, damaged, and prone to splitting. If you’ve been working towards long hair goals or have finally nailed down the perfect balanced balayage, products with sulfates are your worst enemy.  

Fortunately, as more people seek natural products, sulfate free conditioner and shampoo are easier to come by. With ample research and time-tested products, Davines boasts an array of sulfate free conditioner and shampoo that are each as effective at cleaning and moisturizing withoutdamaging hair

No matter your hair type or your preferred method ofstyling your hair, sulfate free conditioner restores moisture to thirsty tresses, fortifying it for whatever lies ahead. Especially important for those withcolor treated hair, opt for products crafted for your pigment.  Keeping your blonde, red, or brunette at its best lies in the hands of a well-chosen, consciously-crafted sulfate free conditioner. 

Like our skin, our hair is bombarded with free radicals, pollutants, smoke, sunlight, wind, and more. Overtime, these external factors degrade the wellbeing of our luscious locks. Your overall hair and scalp health depends on using gentle, kind products each time you step into the shower. Non-toxic, naturally-derived shampoos, sulfate free conditioners, and hydratinghair masks extend the life of your hair without changing its natural structure. Choose a sulfate free conditioner to keep curls, colored-treated hair, fine strands, and thick manes happy and healthy. 


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