Restore healthy hair with anti-dandruff products and treatments. All-natural, active ingredients are rich in antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties.

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Any person who has endured the plight of dandruff knows that the struggle is real. In fact, approximately 20% of people suffer from this irritating condition. Many mainstream dandruff products on the market treat the symptoms - white flakes - and not the underlying causes of this inconvenient issue.

In an effort to regenerate itself, the skin cells all over the body are constantly dying and shedding off. In its most basic form, dandruff occurs because of this natural process. However, when this process speeds up on our scalp, visible particles appear and become trapped on the hair follicle - resulting in white flakes we call dandruff.

Dandruff products that work

Dandruff products should first focus on restoring balance to a scalp suffering from this pesky condition. However, a lot of dandruff products contain harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients known to cause skin irritation, thus perpetuating the problem. To make matters worse, many people experience both dry and greasy dandruff. This makes it difficult to source a shampoo that purifies without drying out the scalp.

Natural Dandruff Products That Heal

Selecting natural dandruff products targeted at healing the scalp proves extremely effective when looking to solve your flake dilemma once and for all. The Purity Circle Scalp Mask is made from bamboo charcoal and matcha tea that resets the pH balance of the skin while pulling toxins like free radicals and pollutants from the scalp. The antifungal and antibacterial purifying gel helps heal microtears that may occur from itching the irritated skin.

Protecting the scalp from additional irritation can help minimize visible flakes. Wear a hat when spending time outdoors to prevent sunburn and opt for periodic scalp treatments at the salon. Reduce the frequency of coloring your hair as this can drastically affect overall scalp health and cause severe irritation.

Dandruff can show us that our scalp needs looking after. Start with the basics and swap out your traditional shampoo and conditioner for natural dandruff products targeted towards scalp wellness. Then, add in conditioning treatments, anti-dandruff gels, or hair masks to restore a natural balance to the scalp.

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