Damaged Hair

These remedies restore and repair: our damage correcting and anti-breakage products possess high grade, all-natural ingredients to restore your hair's true texture.

Damaged Hair
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Damaged Hair Products for Hair Concern

Anyone with hair longer than a few inches knows that breakage is a real - and irritating - issue. Hair follicle damage occurs each and every day, spurred on by a variety of external factors. Depending on your hair type, the climate you live in, yourhair styling choices, and your hair care routine, your hair could be seriously damaged. 

Damage to our locks exhibits itself in a number of visible signs. Split ends,frizz, breakage near the roots, lack luster appearance, and limp, lifeless body are just a few noteworthy and obvious cues that we’ve been mistreating our precious pelts. Fear not. Whatever damage has been done over the lifetime of your hair is manageable, treatable, and even reversible. 

Products for Chemically Damaged Hair

First thing’s first, make sure to stock your bathroom with products for damaged hair that add moisture to straw-like strands, improve the elasticity of brittle bobs, and protectcolor-treated hair. Salon processes like dying, bleaching, perming, and chemically straightening leave the follicle open, vulnerable, and dry. Shampoo and conditioner formulated to target thirsty hair follicles can replenish much needed moisture, fortifying each strand and healing the follicle's structure. 

You don’t need to stop getting your beautiful balayage, but it is crucial that you take care of your mane between visits. Use damaged hair products during each step of your hair care routine. After showering, apply a leave-in conditioner, softeninghair oil, orheat protectant product if you plan on blow drying. Our damaged hair products use high-grade ingredients that work with your hair’s normal structure and bolster its natural defenses. Your struggling strands will soak up the keratin and say thank you for theamino acids in our damaged hair products. 

The better you treat your hair, the easier it will be to leave it in its natural form. The cycle of hair health will only continue as it detoxes from sulfate-addled shampoos and chemically-laden conditioners. Like you, your hair was crafted by mother nature and is one-in-a-million. Let it speak for itself by nurturing it with products formulated for damaged hair. 

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