Damaged Hair Shampoo

Restore and repair with this collection of shampoo for damaged hair. Bring your hair back to life with every wash - our nourishing, healing and anti-breakage shampoos possess high grade, natural-origin ingredients to restore your damaged hair to its full health and beauty.

Damaged Hair Shampoo
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Your treasured strands certainly experience plenty of wear and tear day in and day out from both external and internal stressors. The climate where you live can play a huge role in causing undue damage to luscious locks. Additionally, the environment you spend the most time in - be it indoors at an office, outside under the sun, or a combination of both can aggravate tendrils, zapping moisture, fortification, and luster.

Best Shampoo for Damaged, Color-Treated Hair

That’s why it’s important to choose a shampoo for damaged hair if your mane is frequently put through the wringer. From color treatments, straightening, and blow drying to UV rays, arid atmospheres, and freezing temperatures, there are so many things that chip away at your hair’s health and integrity. Overtime, these factors cause hair to lose elasticity, shine, and color, meaning you’ll spend more time in the salon, more time styling, and more time trying to achieve that covetable “great hair day”.

Davines shampoo for damaged hair restores moisture and brings your strands back to their optimal health. Our hair has everything it needs to stay resilient in the face of daily life. However, our modern world puts undue pressure on what mother nature made, meaning our manes could use a little help. Shampoo for damaged hair restores follicle health and promotes your hair’s natural properties. Be it curly, wavy, straight, or something in between, shampoo for damaged hair allows your hair to work its magic, all by itself.

Damage Shampoos Made Without Chemicals

Many conventional shampoos for damaged hair are actually loaded with synthetic ingredients and toxic chemicals that do much more harm than good. While your hair may feel soft, look shiny, or suds up when scrubbing, a lot of the ingredients responsible for this look and feel eventually lead to drying, scalp irritation, and hair breakage.

Shampoo for damaged hair should be gentle, soothing, and effective in restoring nutrients. It shouldn’t strip away all the natural oil your scalp produces but rather, remove dirt and grime, while allowing your skin and hair to do it’s thing. Work your way back to your real roots with a Davines shampoo for damaged hair. There’s nothing fake about us.

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