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The bob: two new looks for a classic haircut


Long or short, wavy or straight, the bob is one of the most timeless haircuts. Here are some tips to refresh the bob and wear it in a more contemporary way.

If you are looking for a new hairstyle for the season, the bob cut is the answer! This iconic cut is not only a simple way to add some personality to your look, but (unlike some other classics) the bob is relatively easy to maintain and can be interpreted in different ways to enhance your hair type and face shape. Want to play with length? You can try a short, blunt bob or an asymmetrical lob. Interested in texture? Go sleek and smooth, or experiment with more modern beachy waves. Check out these simple tutorials to find some inspiration for your next look.

Short bob with fringe

Short bob with fringe Davines

This bob cut combines soft lines and a thinned fringe, a style reminiscent of Jane Birkin. Versatile and effortless, it is suitable for women of any age. To add more volume, dry upside down with a diffuser. 

The bob step 1
The bob step 2
The bob step 3

Asymmetric bob with side parting

This medium-length bob leaves the nape uncovered and creates soft waves to frame the face. You can get this romantic effect by using either a flat or round iron.   

Asymmetrical side part bob Davines
Side part bob step 1
Side part bob step 2
Side part bob step 3

These two cuts were designed by Tom Connell -  Hair Art Director for Davines - in his new collection The Eternals.  Head to your local Davines salon for a customized look of your own!

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