The Best Auburn Hair Shades to Try for Fall

Fall is here and that means swapping your sun-kissed highlights for moodier, darker shades. And there’s something about going a vibrant auburn for fall that just feels right

But this season’s auburn is edgier. It’s a dimensional auburn with hints of coffee, caramel, orange and gold. Whether you prefer a shade that leans brown or embraces orange, auburn is a color that instantly adds warmth and depth to your look. It's also a super versatile color that looks great on everyone. 

Take at look at some of our favorite auburn hair ideas that you're going to want to try ASAP, along with easy tips for keeping your color rich through fall!

Use a Shampoo Designed for Color-Treated Hair

Shampoos tend to be unkind to color-treated hair (especially those shades made up of red) by stripping it’s vibrancy away too quickly. So use a shampoo designed to be gentle enough on color-treated hair and avoid formulas that contain parabens or artificial colorants. The purer the shampoo, the less it will disturb your auburn. Our NouNou formula gently cleanses color-treated hair, giving it deep nourishment, hydration and restoring its natural softness. 

Alternate in a Color Depositing Product

To maintain your auburn’s brilliance, incorporate an Alchemiccolor depositing product into your hair game. Available in a variety of auburn hues (see the red, golden and copper), the Alchemic line packs in highly vibrant color, depositing small amounts of pigment into your strands with every use. Use an Alchemic conditioner in your shade of choice as your daily conditioner after shampooing, or let it sit on your head for up to 20 minutes as a hair color refresher and ultra hydrating moisturizer.

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Use a Hair Mask Regularly

You’ll maintain a deep, vibrant auburn by replacing moisture regularly, and hair masks are one of the best sources of moisture in the hair game. The Quick Fix Circle is a regenerating hair mask that works in just 3 minutes, moisturizing, untangling and making your hair soft, silky and workable. Use The Quick Fix Circle at least twice a week. If your hair is extremely dry or damaged, you can use the hair mask every time you shampoo.

Try a Demi-Permanent Color

Not ready to fully commit to auburn? Try one of the shades from our demi-permanent color line View. View adds tone to naturally light and previously bleached hair and is a great option for temporarily going auburn. View adds instant body and dimension to your hair and the color washes out in 15-20 washes. We recommend using 3 Golden, 6 Reds, 4 Copper, 1 Ash or 7 Beige depending on your starting color and desired result. 

Let a rich auburn bring your hair to life this fall. This chic color is not only super versatile but incredibly flattering on most skin tones. Whether you’re looking for a complete hair makeover or just some inspiration to spruce up your look, there’s an auburn that’ll suit your hair wants for the season.

By Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

cover photo by @karlibobarley

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