Seven Tips for Styling Your Salon’s Interior

The beauty industry, by its very nature, is all about appearance, so your salon needs to have a well thought out design reflecting who you and your team are and what you’re all about. From your layout, to interior design schemes, accent pieces and products, here are 7 styling tips to help you create the salon of your dreams.

1. Lean into your space

Instead of overhauling everything and starting from scratch, try leaning into the look that your space already has.If you have exposed ductwork, go for a rustic vibe. If your walls or floors are concrete, give your salon a modern feel. It’s also important to make sure your salon equipment matches your vibe.

2. Make sure the lighting is flattering

One of the most important features in your salon is the light. Natural light is best, but not every space will have great windows. If you have windows, use them. Set up your stations so each one can benefit from the sunlight. No windows? No worries. There are other ways to light your space. Choose warm bulbs instead of cool ones, and when placing your lamps, make sure the shadows don’t overlap where your clients will be sitting.

3. Stay cohesive

Once you’ve chosen your aesthetic, stick to it. You want your entire salon design to feel cohesive. If you want a shabby-chic entryway, your stations should match. If your waiting area is done entirely in blacks and whites, carry that scheme throughout the space. You don’t want your clients to walk from one area to the other and feel like they’ve stepped into a different salon.

4. Let it flow

Similar to the cohesion of your space, you want the flow to be right, too. Think about your space from a client’s point of view. Does your layout make sense? Is your waiting area in the front when you walk in, or farther to the back? Do you want your washing stations to be the first place your guests sit down, or do you want to bring them to their station and discuss their hair options first? Line up the decoration and creation of your space with the way you want the salon to function.

Rob Peetoom salon in Brooklyn

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5. Keep your product displays simple

Too much stuff is a great way to make your salon look cluttered and chaotic. Rather than having lots of small product display areas, try and stick to a few large areas. Floating shelves are a simple and chic way to display products without taking up any floor space.

6. Make a statement

Adding a neon sign, a big, bold piece of art, a brightly colored piece of furniture or a unique lighting fixture is a great way to bring personality into your space. But don’t just think about the walls. Expand your design and brighten up your space with a colorful ceiling.

7. Use plants

Plants are a styling must for any space and your salon is no exception. Look for interesting leaf shapes, colors, textures and patterns. Use plants that grow up toward the ceiling and vine-y ones that trail to the floor Think of plants as accessories. You don’t want them to all be the same.The interior of your salon should reflect your team’s vibe and aesthetic. Keep the layout clean and consistent, the energy flowing, and remember that the details make all the difference.

By Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor 

 cover photo by @dottaviophoto

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