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How Can I Add Volume To My Blonde Hair?

Looking to add volume to your fine blonde hair? Our exclusive in-salon Herbal Hair Infusion treatment has a unique combination of natural ingredients that deliver instant results.

Blonde hair is usually fine but there are styling techniques and products that can add texture, thickness and overall volume. Here are the tips from our experts, including our exclusive new in-salon treatment to add volume while protecting and enhancing the luminosity of blonde hair.

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Is Blonde Hair Finer Than Darker Hair?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. At an individual strand level, blonde hair is usually finer than darker hair. However, in some cases blondes will simply have more strands of hair on their head, so they may still have the full appearance of those with darker, thicker hair. What we can say about blonde hair is that because it’s finer on that individual strand level, it is therefore slightly weaker than other shades, and more prone to breakage. This is even more true for chemically bleached blonde hair, which will be damaged to some extent by the bleaching process.

Why Is My Fine Hair Looking Limp?

Everyone’s hair is different and there’s nothing at all wrong with having fine hair. The problem is that it can often end up looking limp if we’re not careful with the way that we treat and style it. If your hair is fine, be wary of products that will weigh it down. A light styling mousse, for example, will work far better than an oil or a cream, and will also add texture. If you do want to use an oil or a cream, just apply it to the tips of your hair, rather than all along the shaft.

Clever Ways To Add Volume To Fine Hair

There are many different ways you can add volume to fine hair, whatever its shade. It can start with something as one off as the right cut. Blow drying techniques can also help, whether you use hot rollers or simply blow dry upside down or using a diffuser and lifting at the roots. All of these techniques work by creating volume with style. It is also possible to add volume at the individual hair strand level, which you can do using specialized products and treatments. These volumizing products and treatments will add texture to the hair shaft, making each individual hair that degree thicker and giving the overall appearance of greater volume. If your hair is fine because it has become damaged — for example by bleaching — then repairing treatments can also help restore natural volume.

Keeping Your Blonde Hair Radiant While Adding Volume

The problem with adding volume to blonde hair is that the very ingredients that increase the volume can also decrease radiance. The rougher the texture of your hair, the thicker it will feel, but the less it will reflect the light. The result can be dull hair that doesn’t have the luminous color you’re looking for.

Herbal Hair Infusion Treatment To Volumize Blonde Hair

Herbal Hair Infusion Naturaltech Tailoring treatments deliver instant results with no processing time. With four cutting-edge bases and six botanical extract boosters, there are 24 ways to tackle your unique hair health challenge.If you have fine, blonde hair and want to give it a volume boost without losing the radiance of your color, your salon expert is likely to create a blend that uses a combination of our Volume base plus our Blonde Brightening booster.

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Volume Base For Fine Hair

The best way to naturally add volume to fine hair is to coat it with something substantial but light, thickening the hair shaft without weighing it down. The Davines research team have discovered that cellulose fibers extracted from wood can naturally coat hair, adding extra body. Our Herbal Hair Infusion Naturaltech Tailoring Volume base combines cellulose fibrils from Scandinavian spruce trees with modified corn starch, giving a highly effective volumizing result.

The results:

  • 15% more voluminous hair*

*Independent laboratory, subjective evaluation on 20 subjects.

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Blonde Brightening Booster To Illuminate Blonde Hair

Two powerful botanical extracts combine in this booster to both highlight the natural beauty of blonde hair and create a protective effect that prevents further damage.The first is Myrtle, with its naturally blue berries, which are rich in flavonoids, an antioxidant molecule that offers UV protection. The second is the Jagua fruit, which has a characteristic indigo color that balances light reflection in both warm and cool blonde tones.

The results:

  • 5.5 times more reflective blonde*
  • 2.5 times more shine**
  • Antioxidant protection***

*Independent laboratory, instrumental test on hair locks  

**Internal laboratory, instrumental test on hair locks supported by clinical evaluation  

***Independent laboratory, clinical evaluation on hair locks  

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Two Ways To Experience the Volumizing Treatment For Blonde Hair

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For Instant Results, Fast: Herbal Hair Infusion Fast Treatment

If you need results fast, choose the Herbal Hair Infusion Fast Treatment, which delivers immediately, with no processing time. The diagnostic process is simple thanks to our Naturaltech Tailoring Consultation Digital Tool, and your stylist will mix a custom blend of products to create your personalized treatment on the spot.

For a More Indulgent Experience: Herbal Hair Infusion Scalp Ritualistic Treatment

Place yourself in the care of your stylist, who is on hand to diagnose your hair care needs while offering you a moment of calm. After a thorough consultation process, they’ll prepare your custom Herbal Hair & Scalp Ritualistic treatment. Your treatment will then start with a relaxing hand massage, before your bespoke recipe is applied to the hair with a soothing brush.

Find your nearest Davines salon

If you have blonde hair and want to give its volume a boost, book a session with your nearest Davines expert, who will be able to use our diagnostic tool to create your personalized treatment in minutes.

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