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The Father’s Day Gift Guide


Make Father’s Day special! From shaving sets to everyday essentials, give the gift of self-care.

For any dads out there who don’t take much time out of the day for self-care, or just need an upgraded grooming routine, there’s no better time than Father’s Dayto gift him with high-quality products that he might not be buying for himself.

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Five new products for a complete care routine

A dad-approved line on this list is our Pasta & Love collection
Helping expand the collection are five new products:

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Shaving Gel
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Styling Clay
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The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Dads in Your Life

We believe the perfect gift strikes a balance between pleasing the recipient and not having too great an impact on the environment. So why not create a sustainable gift basket? This can be filled with items that’ll give him a chance to kick back and relax while also caring for his hair and skin.

Luckily, there are plenty of Davines products to cover the many dads out there and cater to their concerns and needs. These sets are made with different hair types in mind and the special considerations that come into play with facial hair. You’ll be able to give his hair, beard, and skin the pampering they deserve this Father’s Day  — here are some ideas:

1. For Shaving: Pasta & Love Set

Dads who frequently shave will appreciate the organic Alkekengi fruit extract in the Pasta and Love Set, which reduces irritation and soothes skin. The bottles the products come in are also constructed from recycled glass.

2. For Fragile Hair: Energizing

If your dad's hair isfragile or tends to fall out, the perfect gift for him is Naturaltech Energizing. In the Naturaltech Energizing line you’ll find the stimulatingENERGIZING Shampoo, the leave-inENERGIZING Gel strengthening treatment, and the specialENERGIZING Superactive.

3. For Short Hair: The Workable Texture Set

For the dad who styles his hair regularly but doesn’t have quality products in his arsenal, this short hair styling set is key. The shine-boostingMOMO shampoo has Slow Food Presidia Cartucciaru melon extract, which boosts hydration. Following a good wash, dads can useThis is a Forming Pomade andThis is a Strong Hold Cream Gel to keep every hair in its place.

4. For Relaxation: Calming

ThisCalming Shampoo may be best for soothing fragile hair and sensitive scalps thanks to the blueberry extract in it, but the scent itself is something many reviewers say adds to the experience. Combine this with the matchingCalming Superactive for a great gift set to add into your sustainable gift basket.

5. For Low-Maintenance Care: MOMO Shampoo Bar

For the ones who aren’t too fussy about their routines — and who may even have apassion for the environment this shampoo bar provides moisture on the go.

6. For Curls: LOVE Curl Set

LOVE Curl Shampoo,LOVE Curl Conditioner andThis is a Curl Building Serum: treat your dad to this trio moisturizes and defines curl patternswithout deflating their shape.

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7. Not sure what to get? Try an eGift card!

Our eGift cards are the perfect choice for when you're not sure what to get, or just want to give Mom the opportunity to curate her own hair and beauty routine.

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Encouraging Self-Care This Father’s Day

Dads are the best at uplifting those around them, and they deserve products that’ll allow them to delve into a little self-care each day. When these products are part of his daily routine, he’ll get a tiny bit of luxury while he begins the day or unwinds after a long one. Plus, these products encourage him to take time and focus on his hair and skin. Want to take your gifting to the next level? Book Dad an appointment at your  local Davines salon!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and father figures out there, from all of us at Davines!

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