Palm Oil, our opinion


Shampoo is the first hair routine product, essential to remove excess sebum, pollution traces and the residue of styling products.
This cleansing function is carried out by a specific component of the formula called surfactant. The choice of surfactant or cleansing agent is crucial both in terms of performance, and in terms of environmental sustainability.
For these reasons, Davines is combining traditional cleansers also with more natural molecules derived from plants. The benefit of these molecules is that of making the cleansing action gentler for scalp and hair, whilst being more eco-sustainable.

Surfactants and sustainability

Thanks to its chemical structure, palm oil is the most effective natural ingredient in creating gentle and performing surfactants. However, to avoid these special and unique features leading to an excessive use of palm oil with a consequent negative impact on biodiversity, it is important for cosmetic companies to commit to using only raw materials from producers who certify that these raw materials have been obtained respecting the environment and local communities.

Our choice

Davines buys preferably palm oil certified in compliance with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (R.S.P.O.) and combines it with other plant surfactants, such as the one made from olive oil. The principle of diversifying raw materials has the aim of seeking and promoting a balanced use of different oils to reduce a massive employment of single resources.