Unlock the Secret to Shinier Hair: OI Liquid Luster
Unlock the Secret to Shinier Hair: OI Liquid Luster

Top stylist tips to keep hair healthy in summer

You know the sun can damage your skin – but did you know it’s also the culprit to colour fading and dry split ends? 

Keeping hair healthy means no more faded, frizzy locks to fizzle out your summer looks – this expert guide is how you’ll keep your hair looking its best in the sun. Ditch the hair woes, avoid UV damage and keep strands hydrated with bold, beautiful colour with this summer haircare guide, packed with pro-approved tips from the salon. 

Quench your hair’s thirst 

With the sun beating down on your locks all day, it’s wise to add some hydration to your hair routine for resilient strands. An easy way to add hydration to your hair in summer is to use leave-in conditioners. Try the Naturaltech Nourishing range or the moisturising MOMO range – because it’s not just you that gets thirsty when it’s hot! 

Beat the heat damage 

The bad news? Styling tools can damage and strip your hair of goodness. But you don’t need to step away from your prized curling tongs, straighteners or hairdryer. Instead, use heat protectant sprays from the More Inside range to keep things natural but heat-safe. 

Meet your summer best friend

Pool chlorine and the sun’s UV rays can wreak havoc on your hair, so hats and sticking to the shade is always a good idea. But there’s nothing to stop you taking a dip in the sea – just apply the SU family for UV protection first! 

Use targeted products for colour-treated hair 

Ask any hairdresser and they’ll say the same – whether colouring your hair in salon or at home, the best investment you’ll make is a hair routine that protects colour.

A routine with products that specifically retain colour vibrancy and prevent fading is an easy way to keep your hair colour looking salon-fresh.

Stronger colour? On one condition…

After everything we put our hair through in summer, it’s the right season for deeper conditioning. To retain your hair’s colour and hydration, apply hair masks to your hair to add nourishment where it’s needed most. Try Heart of Glass for a nourished blonde, and consider the MINU Hair Mask for silky hair that keeps colour for longer.

How to add enviable shine to your summer hair

It’s normal to need a shine top up for summer – after all, our hair naturally loses some of its gloss as we age.
Summer is the season for luminous, glossy locks – and you can achieve the perfect shine by avoiding underwashing, using 
water softening products and adding products from the shine-enhancing OI range to your routine.

Bring your favourite hair routine everywhere

Why leave your summer hair routine at home? Add travel minis to our must-have travel pochette and bring your haircare routine everywhere. It’s all yours when you spend £XX at Davines. Offer expires xxx.

There’s room to pack everyday hair heroes and targeted treatments into the travel pochette for everyday hair heroes and targeted treatments – because you won’t need luggage worries where you’re going. 

 Ask the experts

Get the most out of your closest Davines salon. Get the best routine for your hair type, try a targeted treatment, then step out with a pro-approved routine to take wherever summer takes you.

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