Men's Guide for Styling Hair

Every guy wants a great head of hair, and that starts with a great haircut. But what happens once you get that great cut and have to style it yourself at-home? It’s not always easy to recreate what the barber or stylist does when you leave the chair. But styling your own hair doesn’t have to be intimidating or the reason you don’t get that funky new cut. With the right tips and products styling your hair can be a breeze, no matter what your hair type. If you’re ready for your best head of hair ever you’ve come to the right place, because this is the ultimate men’s guide for styling hair.

Shampoos and Conditioners by Hair Type


Styling your hair starts in the shower, so the shampoo you use matters. Knowing your hair type and using a shampoo designed for it can make a huge difference. Certain hair types benefit from certain ingredients. For example, LOVE Curl Shampoo for curly and wavy hair contains all natural active ingredients to enhance the volume and texture of curls or wavy hair; VOLU Shampoo for fine hair gives immediate body and volume to flat strands; and MOMO is a moisturizing shampoo for dry hair. Then occasionally add in a detoxifying mud hair mask before shampooing to remove product buildup and impurities from your hair and scalp.


If you’re not using conditioner after every shampoo, you’re risking potential damage to your strands. Conditioners replenish the lost moisture and oils that can be stripped away by shampoo. Always use conditioner after shampooing to keep your hair healthy, but especially if you have hair that’s longer than three inches. Just like with shampoo, use a conditioner that corresponds to your hair type.

EHC Conditioner Tubs Davines

How to Blow Dry Your Hair

Many men don’t think about blow drying their hair — but they should! Not only is blow drying your hair a great way to tame frizz, but it lays the groundwork for using pomades and waxes (these will only adhere to and shape your hair if it's completely dry). Blow drying can also add volume for thinner hair that needs a boost. It might be intimidating wondering, “How do I blow dry my hair?" so we’re breaking it down below.

Use a heat serum

The most important thing to do before any kind of heat styling is to apply a heat serum to your strands. These types of heat protectants minimize hair damage caused by the heat from styling tools like curling irons, straighteners and blow-dryers. A heat serum adds a protective layer to your hair, sealing in moisture and smoothing the cuticle to keep it safe.

Use a round brush

Using a round boar bristle brush. While vented metal round brushes are good for heat reinforcement while styling, boar bristle brushes are firmer and denser and create more tension when pulling the hair, which creates more volume and lift in the end.

Blow dry directionally depending on the style you wish to achieve

The point of blow-drying is using heat to set the hair where you want it. Pay attention to the airflow and point the dryer in the direction you want your hair to go. Think of your blow dry as directing your hair the way you want it.

Kenna Kunijo salon styling

photo courtesy of Kenna Kunijo salon

Parted Hairstyles

A time-tested hairstyle that looks good on pretty much every guy is a parted cut. Not only are these styles versatile — working well for both formal occasions and casual outings — they’re easy to style and maintain for any hair length. Here are some of our favorites.

Classic Side Part

Get the look by creating a side part and combing one side over, leaving the other side to fall naturally. Secure it in place using a pomade.

Side Part and Pompadour

Unlike a traditional side part, a pompadour sweeps your strands subtly to one side. This haircut works best on medium to long hair with a strong hold gel. Using a blow dryer to style a pompadour will give it long-lasting shape and volume.

Middle Part Undercut

The middle part undercut is a cleaner version of the classic middle part cut. It’s short and sleek, with a long fringe and closely cut underneath on the sides. With this style, the hair on the top is longer than the hair on the sides and there’s no definitive blend when split down the middle. 

Blunt Cut Middle Part

The blunt cut middle part looks best on straight, thick hair. But you can still rock it with curls or waves, you’ll just want to use a straightener to straighten your strands first. This mid-length cut is long enough to be modern but still manages to be a classic look.

Davines men's hairstyles

Men's Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short haircuts are the go-to for most guys. There is just something satisfying about leaving the barber with a clean and fresh look. Plus, shorter hair holds volume better and gives the illusion that there’s more than there is — so if your hair is thinning, a short cut can help. Here are some of our favorites.

Bald Fade

The bald fade is a cut that really works on guys with curly or natural hair. If you're asking yourself, “how do I style short curly hair?” try a low bald fade for a subtle, low-key look or a high bald fade for contrast.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is identifiable by its ultra-short length, cut close to the head with electric clippers. Buzz cuts are super easy to wear and maintain. They require no styling and a quick trim when the length starts to grow.

Crew Cut

A crew cut is a haircut where the hair on the top of the head is cut short and the sides are tapered even shorter to create a neat and tidy appearance. This one also requires little to no styling because of its length.

Mens hair styling ideas

Men's Hairstyles for Long Hair 

Long hair might seem intimidating, but it’s actually pretty low maintenance. Just keep in mind that longer hair needs extra hydration and nourishment so keep a replenishing cream on hand to smooth split ends. If you're considering longer lengths, choose a style that corresponds to your hair type. In general long hair looks best on guys with medium to thick hair. If this is you and you’re wondering “how do I style my thick hair?” try one of these longer haircuts.


The curtain haircut features a long fringe parted down the middle, with shorter hair all around the sides. The look resembles a curtain, hence the name. Curtains work on all hair types and face shapes and they’re easy to maintain. To style, use a dry wax to hold your curtains in place.


Adding a fringe to any hairstyle can completely transform your look. If you like the idea of longer hair, but aren’t fully committed, try a long fringe. Choose between front bangs for a caesar-like cut or a side-swept fringe for a retro 90’s vibe.


If you have a more coarse hair texture and want to go long, consider a protective style like locs. Locs can be as thin or as thick as you want and can be created by twisting wet hair into tight ringlets or or visiting your local loctitian, a hair stylist who specializes in locs. 


A mohawk features a strip of long hair running from the hairline to the back of the head and contrasting short sides. Long favored by punks and rockers, the mohawk is a great men’s style for making a statement.

Versatile Styling Products

From pomade to wax to hair spray, styling products add varying degrees of hold, texture, volume, and shine to your hair. Pomade is a great option for all hair types and can be used by men with thin and thick hair. Hair wax is a great option for men with thicker hair that has a natural lift and holds on its own. Like wax, hair clay is ideal for creating textured styles, but better for men with thinner, straight hair that tends to fall flat. Hair putty is ideal for men going for a casual, easy-going style. And unlike pomade, it adds texture and some movement. Paste is good for almost every hairstyle, and you only need a small amount of paste to get the style and hold you desire. One of the main benefits of styling cream is to give medium to long hair a healthier look and natural-looking shine — and easily among the best men’s products for thin hair. 

How do I get thicker hair with styling products?

There are lots of different types of thickening products when it comes to styling. There’s even a thickening shampoo in our enriching Energizing line for hair loss. All Davines formulas are free of harmful toxins and made from natural ingredients. Our products are made with renewable energy and packaging that minimizes the environmental impact. Our hair care isn’t just good for your hair, it’s good for the planet.

Leave-in serum for soft texture and flexible control.

For creating workable texture, particularly on short hair.

For instant, long-lasting volume and workable texture.

by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

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